Thursday, 30 January 2014

My Reading List // 2014 Books


Well considering I have both a mental and physical pile of books that I want to read this year I guess I will be sharing a few with you. Although it shan't be too boring...

Well let's kick things off with a series I am dying to finish!

The Mortal Instruments:

  • City Of Ashes
  • City Of Glass
  • City Of Fallen Angels
  • City Of Lost Souls
Having already read City Of Bones I am literally drawn into the books to come and have to say that they are the best books I've bought as a series in a long time. As said before I'm not really one for reading this type of genre and would rather watch the film but to be brutally honest, the book is 100 times better than the film in this scenerio, when I first watched the film (after reading the book) I was built up with excitement and anticipation but only to be met with slight disappointment. The acting is perfectly fine but I feel like too much of the book is cut out and it wasn't centred around the book enough. Hopefully City Of Ashes raises the bar a bit! Or should I say steele for those who have read the book;)

A book by a trio of writers:

Let it snow. One of my favourite authors John Green co-wrote this book with Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. The reviews of this book have made it sound like a must read to I look forward to reading that eventually. 

Two books by John Green:

Paper Towns & An Abundance Of Katherines.
These two books have both been recommended to me and I have read about both of them. Both their story lines seem different to each other and still as compelling as ever! And obviously I will be buying them in the near future to fill up my John Green collection:)

A recent buy:

Day Of The Dead.
Crime and mystery and two of my favourite genres to read as they really make you think and string you in. I find these books are quick reads for me too as they are hard to put down and I am hoping that this one is no different. It is based on a dream holiday gone wrong basically and looks very promising.

A book popular with teenagers:

It's A Kind Of Funny Story.
I was saddened by the news of Ned Vizzini taking his own life last month as I have been told about many of his books by a friend of mine. This book has been described as 'finding a way to put emotions into words' and as a 'refreshing novel' and I have waited a long time to read it...and still am yet to buy it...

Well once I have read one or two or all of these books I will be sure to blog about it and also write about the new list of books as there are still lots of books I missed out! Let me know what you think and be sure to share this blog, it would really help me out! Thank you!!!

Back on Sunday!

Shannon xx

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