Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A Year Of Suspense // 2014

Hello again!

Well this year I've made it my aim to have a more optimistic year and hopefully it will work.
The main thing I am so excited for is "The fault in our stars" film which is in cinema's June 6th I believe!!!!!! (Can you feel my excitement!!!!) As mentioned in my previous blog I am hoping to read the book a second time, just before I see the film. I'm just hoping it's not as heartbreaking reading it a second time!

As I'm in year 11 I'm doing my GCSE's in the summer and although I am slightly dreading them it's exciting to think that I won't have to study half of these subjects again. The best bit about ending year 11 will hopefully be prom! I started looking at dresses months ago; although I won't be buying it for ages. I have to say some of the dresses however look disastrous, especially the yellow ones which may I add would make you look like a lemon meringue! 
 There is definitely a resemblance!

By summer I will have a bigger room which means more room for books, guitars and more books! Speaking of books I currently have 9 books sitting on my bedside table longing to be read. As well as these books I still have more to buy and read; there just isn't enough time and space for books in my life!

Some smaller things I hope for:
A job. When people say it's hard finding a job they are not joking, I have been looking now for at least a year and nothing! There were a few close calls but nothing. By the end of this year I want to be earning money no matter how small (well not that small because money is money and you need a lot to buy things...).
Either a professional or  Polaroid camera. There is a big price difference between these two products but having both would be awesome. Both for capturing some great moments and for practicing photography which I grow to love more and more each day.
Lastly, The Vamps. Well not actually them obviously, I can't have them... but by the end of this year there will be an album and hopefully a headlining tour which I'd have ticket to. 

Well hopefully 98% of these turn out amazing or at least like 10%... I don't know, let's just hope something amazing happens this year. 
I hope this was worth your while reading and if you have any suggestions for a blog then fire away! I would love to try something new this year too so do leave some ideas, Thank you!

Until next time,
Shannon xx

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