Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A Swift Transition // Winter To Spring

Hello back again!

Well, after changing my mind three times and drafting two blogs I have chosen today's blog. Seeing as it is nearly the end of winter and start of spring I believe it is a good enough time to go through the clothes I have been living in for the past few freezing months as well as some spring time favourites. I would just like to add I am not a fashion guru and so these opinions are all basic and in no way professional speaking... If there is such a thing. All images will be attached below.

One item I bought as soon as the sales started was a patchwork cream cardigan with pockets. Although when I bought this I thought it would be a bit more fitted but I think that these types of cardigans look must nicer when slightly over-sized and add some extra comfort.I purchased this from Asda in the sale at half price of £9.00 last month but at the moment I know Primark are doing these exact cardigans in an array of colours for £12!

Aviator boots. My main footwear for the cold weather. These are brilliant because they go with practically every outfit whether it be with leggings, jeans or even a skirt. They are great for wet weather which comes in handy living in soggy England and they are warm.
I bought a cheap pair from Shoe Zone but they are available in all shops.

One item of clothing that I think is perfect for all year round is shirts. Thin shirts are great for under jumpers, heavy cardigans and add a cute look to any outfit. Chiffon blouses are a very popular buy I believe and this material means it's great for summer as it's nice and light but also perfect for colder weather as you can layer your clothing.

A recent buy I am looking forward to wearing in the spring is a Burgundy cotton dress I bought from Primark for £5. This was my absolute bargain of the month! With quarter length sleeves it is perfect to wear under a cardigan or light jacket and looks great with chelsea boots which I also bought recently from New Look for £19.99.



I hope and pray this blog hasn't bored you into the next century and if it hasn't let me know what you thought and if you would want another blog in this style! I have decided that I am aiming to blog on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays...whether that routine sticks who knows!?
I hope you have a great week and will look forward to "up-blogging" on Thursday HOPEFULLY!

Until next time, 
Shannon xx

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