Thursday, 27 February 2014

A Righteous Rant // Episode Two


Here we are with another rant to bring you joy,anger,frustration or plain boredom, with the topic of opinions.

Now then. Can opinions really be an issue to rant about? Well, my opinion is yes. My point is that everyone has separate and different opinions which is the way things are meant to be but when someone tells you that your opinion is wrong and has the narrow-minded view that what they think is the only way then that is where a problem occurs.

Whatever happened to "Agree to disagree"?

A constant battle I have with opinions of others is musical tastes. I'm very open minded when it comes to music as previously said and I can listen to anything from pop ,indie, heavy rock, country, anything! But I have had the challenge of trying to explain that some of this music isn't 'Screamo death music' just because they instruments are used in a more vigorous and more musical way it doesn't mean to say that the lyrics are much different to everyday pop music we hear on the radio. 

Music isn't the only thing in the world to have a mixture of opinions about of course! There are topics of sexuality, sexism, racism or even the clothes people choose to wear. When the matter of a fact is that not everyone is brought up with the same thoughts and ideas on things so there will be disagreements but taking it to the point of insulting the person instead of challenging their opinion isn't how society should be formed.

Don't forget...
Even if others don't agree.

Well, this rant wasn't as deep as the last one but this is one of my pet peeves! I like doing these rants when they really fire me up so maybe I'll start planning some more, seeing as my last one got the most views out of all of my blog posts:) 

Shannon xx

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A Digital Lover // TV Shows


Back to school. FOR TWO MORE MONTHS! This year is literally flying by so fast it's incredible. Every day we are reminded that we don't have much time left until our GCSE's which are going to CHANGE OUR LIVES forever!!! Of course they will form a bit part of it, but they won't be the make or break of our lives! Anywho! I've now started to watch more and more TV shows, so here we go! 

Firstly, my favourite show. 
American Horror Story.
This may not be everybody's cup of tea but the creating of it is immense! The writer who also writes Glee shows that he is a very versatile writer as well as the actors involved in each season. Evan peters who has now played three different characters is a part of what makes the show so unique as well as his co-star Taissa Farmiga. The twisted story lines makes the show so captivating and original it's not wonder it's popularity is slowly rising.

My Mad Fat Diary.
(I believe this show is only aired in Britain) There aren't even words for how much I cringe during every episode of this show but that's what makes it so addictive. The cast are brilliant and I love the fact that there is a program which includes lives of teenagers going through the changes every teenager goes through and the physiological effect things can have on young adults. I have to say though, one reason which makes the show so enjoyable is Nico Mirallegro.

Teen Wolf.
A new one added to the collection but I don't know why I didn't watch it earlier! I had anticipated for it to be completely illogical and very fake but it has the perfect mix of fantasy and artistic creating with a bonus of comedic scripting. 

The Ellen Show.
Does this count? Either way there isn't a time where Ellen Degeneres fails to make me laugh. I find all of her little segments online and my favourite has to be 'Kevin the cashier goes to...' or when she tells celebrities what to say. 

This shows is what it says on the tin; a show about a bunch of misfits who are doing community service for breaking the law but whilst doing so they learn they all how 'powers'. A show that uses a lot of rude humour and swearing it shows a clear vision of how the British live...some anyway.

The constant battle of young love, taking the right path in life, friends, family, drug and alcohol. A clear summary of skins. The three generations have all shown that there is more to life than studying for things that might not even change your life giving you an insight to life outside of the dull walls of a college classroom. Again a very British show but worth the laughs and heartbreak from falling in love with characters you can never have.

Who hasn't watched supernatural? Although I'm somewhere in between season two and three (I think) I already love this show, however I only watch it every week or so as my best friend and I have some how made it that we only watch it together...The more episodes I watch the more I realise that I'm not actually scared of anything anymore...or at the moment anyway! The constant story line of trying to find their dad makes Sam and Dean's adventures even more intense as well as thrilling whilst meeting demons along the way!

I know I have missed out so many TV shows but who wants a blog post that never ends?! Not you I presume. Do any of you watch any of the shows I mentioned? If not, then check them out, I'm pretty sure they are all available online and will soon have a hold of your minds as much as they do mine! If you can't tell already then this wasn't exactly a planned blog post...BUT I do have Thursday's blog planned and ready to roll! 

Shannon xx

Sunday, 23 February 2014

How to // Pink Heart Shape Biscuits!

Hello!! Well this is different!!

I thought I would try something different and give "How to:..." segment a try! 

- 225g/8oz Plain flour                                                                                
- 125g/41/2 oz Caster sugar
- 150g/51/2 oz Butter and extra for greasing.
- 1tsp vanilla extract/water or food colouring.
 - Dr Oetker writing icing 

Let's get down the business! 
Obviously start by washing all equipment and hands:)
  • Preheat your oven to gas mark 4/180C/350F
  • Grease a baking tray, or use baking paper. I used foil and greased that as it works the exact same.
  • In a large bowl add the flour and butter and rub together with your fingers to make a substance that resembles fine breadcrumbs like this photo:

  • Once this is done, mix in the sugar and add vanilla essence if you have it, if not about 2tsp will have the same effect (but won't add a vanilla taste) and form into a dough ball.
  • By splitting a little crevice (hole) in the centre of the ball add 3 drops of food colouring (optional). Add more if required and mix until there is a somewhat even coverage of colour.
  • Roll the ball out on a lightly floured surface until it is around 1-2 cm thick (It may resemble a country), and then using a biscuit cutter, start cutting out shapes. Then arrange them onto the previously greased baking tray.
Mine ended up looking like a country.
  • Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes or until golden and resembles biscuit texture.
  • When they are ready convert them onto a cooling rack *They will be very hot*

    Now you can either leave them like that or get to the fun part and decorate them! I chose to use Dr. Oetker's writing icing but you can use whatever decorational tools you desire.
  • There are many designs you could opt for, if you have an artistic hand then you could really go all out; but I don't so here are my basic designs:)
You can even make different types of biscuits for example a family of bears or your favourite cartoon character! 

Well I hope this different blog was interesting for you and that you enjoyed it, or even made you decide to bake these biscuits considering how quick and easy they are! If you enjoyed this type of blog then let me know, I would love to do more "How to:" blogs for a variety of things whether it be baking or different hair styles!  Let me know down below or drop me a tweet (@shanrobinsonn).

Shannon xx

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Growing Ideas // 2014 Wishlist

Good Thursday, (is that a correct greeting??)

There are a few things I'm hoping to have by the end of this year, both in owning and doing. So I put it into a list... kind of like a bucket list of things I'd like to happen and to have this year.

Firstly a job. Once GCSE's are over I am praying for a proper job. The fact that I will be able to earn my own money is the main reason but also to get out into the world and do things. Although my first job will probably be in a retail shop or something basic like that a job is a job and THEY ARE SO HARD TO FIND! I cannot even express my hatred for the process of job hunting. It is crazy.

Two! A Polaroid camera. The fact that you can take a photo and instantly have it is the best idea and I think that's where today's technology messed up. Don't get me wrong I love today's technology and it has its perks but the Polaroid camera is something that shouldn't have disappeared into distant memory's.

Trés! A professional camera. Yes, the complete opposite to a Polaroid camera but taking photography at A-level has made me realise how much I wouldn't mind being part of a photographers world. Although I do have a fairly decent camera it's not a fully professional one that does all the jazzy stuff!

Doc Martens. I do already have a pair but they are too big and they are the shiny type. (I am selling, if anyone is interested. Black, womens size 6). I particularly want plain black matte ones but eventually I also want burgundy ones.

As mentioned previously on Tuesday's blog post I like quite vintage looks sometimes and I really want to buy a shift dress. Originally around in the 60's they are slowly making a comeback and I have seen a few that have caught my eye. Also on the line of clothes I really want to buy a jumpsuit this summer and the one in the photo above is from new look. I think the coral colour is really nice and summery and also makes a  change from normal colours.

Books! Yes I want to add to my growing collection! I already have a few books in mind that I need to go and buy but if any of you have any ideas for me then go ahead in the comments section below:) 
Speaking of books, why must they make you so attached to characters?! I'm currently reading The Mortal Instruments: City Of Ashes and I just can't begin to describe my feelings. Secondly, I was speaking to a friend of mine whilst she read Looking For Alaska and well, I think she is now emotionally unstable for the rest of her life...

"John Green just wants to make his readers cry...that is his intention"

R U trying to stop 'mr' heart...yes...I know how to write in english...
So that rounds off the end of today's blog! I hope it changed your life forever! Or at least gave you something to do for two minutes. Make sure you follow this blog and follow all my links:) (Found in the tab at the top of the page!)

So long for now!
Shannon xx

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Ten Quick Facts // Delving Deeper


So considering my views are increasing daily I decided to let you know me that bit more trying to make it non-boring in the process. Choosing ten facts about yourself is much harder than expected because they have to be interesting right? 

Fact one:

I have a leopard Gecko and 3 cats (I only really like one cat)
Leo is in his second year in living in my house and continues to be an awesome little lizard. Cats. They sleep, they eat, they go to the toilet...and occasionally love you...occasionally. 

Fact two:

I started playing guitar when I was ten with a tiny pink guitar and now have a collection of three guitars and a ukulele which I got for Christmas. If you don't play any instruments I highly suggest ukulele's they are probably the best to start off as they are small and easy as well as great sounding.

Fact three:

Yes, I have always loved books and my childhood favourite author was Jacqueline Wilson and has now changed to John Green, Cassandra Clare or Alex Barclay. All three authors write completely different but maybe that's what attracts me to them.

Fact four:

Last year around spring/summer I was persuaded by my best friend to start ballet. This was one of the biggest decisions I made last year as I always saw ballet as something I would never be able to do or enjoy. Looking back now it's been the best thing I've done. My confidence has started to grow, I've become friends with people who I now count as part of my closest friends (you know who you are dude) and best of all I enjoy it. I also tried tap...that lasted around 3 months... So now I am a ballet and modern dance student at The Joyce Butler School Of Dance. It's awesome.

Fact five:
I like vintage styles and very basic clothes. Bowler hats, chelsea boots, Dr Martens, over-sized shirts, plain coats. I won't follow a trend, if I want to wear something then I will wear it...That's a good thing right?

Fact six:

My aim for this year is optimism. For my birthday last year my best friend bought me a little ornament type of hanging angel which helps give optimistic views. Obviously this isn't my source of positivism but it is a key point and I remember that having a bad day doesn't mean having a bad life.

Fact seven:

I dip-dyed my hair blue last year during a spontaneous moment...not the best idea as it took months to get my hair back to top health but it was pretty awesome whilst it lasted! (A photo is on instagram - shannonxx8697) 

Fact eight:

Journalism is the path I want to take...if you didn't already know. I want to write for a  music magazine or fashion magazine. I particularly don't want to be part of a gossip magazine. No, nope, nada, no.

Fact nine:

I have a never ending range of music. One minute I can listen to bands such as Of Mice And Men or Suicide Silence then the next I can listen to The Wanted or Gabrielle Aplin or older music such as The Everly brothers or The Beatles. It's a very big library but music is music.

Fact ten:

Starting a blog was one of the coolest things I did in 2013. I thought that there would be no one reading it but as the stats slowly make their way up I realise there are actually people that read it and even enjoy it from allover the world such as the UK, USA, the Netherlands and even Germany, everywhere. It's pretty cool.

Well that was a long one right? If you didn't fall asleep when reading then I hope you liked it and know you know more about the writer behind the screen.

What did I do over the weekend? I re-discovered my love for All Time low and other bands such as We Are The In Crowd and  Tonight Alive. I also began being more organised and have started planning blog posts properly and now I shouldn't miss any more up-blog days! If you want to leave a comment then go ahead down below! I got a comment last time and it's really great to know that people enjoy what the blog consists of.

Thursday's a'coming!
Shannon xx

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Bordem Bound // Half Term Remedies

Well hello again...

I know many people including myself will be off school for a week now so there will be times where you might have nothing to do? I guess these will be suggestions for you to try!

If you play any instruments try and learn new songs that are your favourite artists or something. I play ukulele and guitar so I like to learn lots of new songs then I feel like I've accomplished something... 
I have an Ashton ukulele.

Go somewhere different! I recently went to London as I previously blogged about ( A Trip at Home // London ) and it was a brilliant experience. It was fun and kind of education as I now know different parts of my own city. Even if visiting a new place is a bit scary for you, go with someone you know will make you comfortable!

Read a book, watch a film. Two things that pass time. If you're not into books as I know a lot of people are not then watch a film, at home or the cinema. Have a film day and invite your friends over and watch loads of films you've all wanted to watch. Depending on what you want to watch, some comedies I recommend are Step Brothers, Bridesmaids, Identity thief and so many more!

This might sound like a completely idiotic idea but clean or decorate your room. Put on one of your favourite albums on and just make your room more presentable. It makes it feel a lot better to be in once it's all neat and tidy and you'll probably find that you have more space too! 
For example, I tidied up my little book corner.

Go for a meal, with friends, family or anyone else you want. Sometimes a nice evening or afternoon out is a good relaxation session. It means you don't have to do much, you're still being social-able and even get to eat food at the same time. I know, I know, it's perfect.

Retail therapy. Two simple words! Go shopping with a friend or a bunch of friends, whether you're buying a new wardrobe, a few necessitates or just window shopping I guarantee this will pass time and be enjoyable...but if you're reading this and are not a girl...Go play football with the boys? Go to the cinema? Hang at a friends house. The possibility of what to do are endless you just need to think about it.

Well, I hope that gave you some ideas as it took me about two hours to write...because I got distracted and started playing ukulele. One more idea is to write a blog! Even if you think no one would read it because trust me people will. When I started this blog I thought I would be lucky to get 20 views and I just passed 400 views! So if you are a frequent reader thank you so much, the fact that people actually read this blog means so much to me, some of you aren't even from the United Kingdom which is absolutely crazy!

If you have any questions or comments drop them down below or tweet them to me @shanrobinsonn also be sure to follow me on tumblr if you have it! All my links are up above in the 'Where to find me tag' so head on over there if you want! 

Thank you once again for reading this and I hope you enjoyed today's blog!
Shannon xx

Sunday, 9 February 2014

A Little Chat // Books, Music and Food

Hello, back again! 

Today's blog doesn't really have a theme, it's more of an open blog...if that makes sense. Considering the week of rain and wind this weekend has been pleasant and I am looking forward to the last week before half term! 

The best part of my weekend being that I finished 'Will Grayson, Will Grayson' By John Green and David Levithan. Although I found this book hard to follow to begin with, I finished it within a week and loved it. There were multiple times where I found myself smiling at the book because of its humor and blunt one-liners. The double author book is just bound full of genius characters and a mixture of humour and true feelings of everyday teens. As you reach the end you feel you've really gone on a journey with both Will's and that you've seen them at their lowest moments. It's a brilliant read to which I recommend if you want a light and humourous read.Now I move onto the rest of 'The Mortal Instruments' series, which by the response of some of my friends will be an amazing read!

That's the geeky bit of my weekend over but I didn't spend my whole weekend crying over books, I also went to a Chinese buffet for a birthday which was a... somewhat stressful evening. The restaurant however was lovely, although tables were maybe set a little too close to each other the buffet was lovely with a variety of foods ranging from starters of crispy seaweed to desserts of chocolate fountain and fruit. The service was brilliant and considering how busy it was they fitted 15 of us in straight away. I highly recommend this restaurant called Aroma in Shepherds Bush, London and if you aren't from the United Kingdom, then here's a place to visit! (just prepare yourself for the weather)

Onto the musical section! I've recently been widening my field of music and somewhere along the live I stumbled upon Miley Cyrus' album. Do not ask how or why but to some extent I enjoyed some of the songs on her album as well as some songs she is featured on. Knowing Miley is such a controversial artist and she won't be everybody's cup of tea I won't blab on about her any longer. Why not explore the music outside of your comfort zone? You might find something you like!

Album of the week? 
So long, see you tomorrow - Bombay Bicycle Club
Bombay Bicycle Club have a calm and mellow sound as well as raw and fresh and this album is definitely going onto my iPod as soon as this blog is uploaded. I feel this album would be perfect for car journeys or just journeys in general and will instantly put you in a good mood. I personally recommend 'It's Alright Now' as it's probably my favourite song on the album! Enjoy!

Well I hope this blog have something for everyone! Music, books and food...what more do you need in life?! Let me know what you think of everything and if you want to buy Will Grayson, WIll Grayson or So long, See you tomorrow then there will be links down below! If you have any suggestions for the next blog (Tuesday) then drop me your ideas! Also be sure to vote in the poll you will find to the right hand side of this blog! I would love to see what people think. Be sure to follow me on twitter:) @shanrobinsonn

Will Grayson, Will Grayson (Amazon) -
So Long, See You Tomorrow (iTunes) -

Adios for now!
Shannon xx 

Friday, 7 February 2014

A Trip At Home // London

Hey there,

I'm going to start off by apologising for the late up-blog as I was extremely tired yesterday after getting home late due to dance lessons but hope this blog will be enough to keep you staying around! 
Although it is the second month of this year I definitely started 2014 with a a great day. I took a spontaneous trip to London with one of my best friends. Going to London was a big step for me as I don't particularly like big crowds and not knowing where I am but this was one of the best days out I've had.

One picture I took which was my favourite was at St.James' park.

This park was huge and I thought it was perfect for a photo. The cute benches are spread evenly down evenly down the path on the edge of the acid green grass. It was beautiful. If you're not familiar with London then St. James' park is famous for being on the rim of Buckingham Palace (that's where the Queen lives if you're struggling...)

When we got to Buckingham Palace I didn't even realise we were there; even though the beautiful building with people all stood around was right in front of us! Being right next to the palace is actually quite remarkable because although it's in the town you live in you still only see it in photos or in the media. It was great and also accompanied by a captivating circular fountain. 

Here are a few more photos which we took in London:)
St Paul's Cathedral.

A textiles type quilt found in the Tate Modern...rather explicit.

A photo from the Tate Modern.

It is fair to say we made our way round a lot of London that day and it was brilliant because it felt like I was conquering a bit of fear. All of these beautiful sights are right outside my front door, who knows what you'll find! Go and explore your town or city you never know what you'll find.

Again I'm sorry for up-blogging later than expected but I hope you enjoyed this blog and it has inspired you to do some of your own short distance travelling! Send me your feed back down below or you could even follow this blog to be updated every time I up-blog (provided I do it on time that is)

Until Sunday!
Shannon xx