Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Ten Quick Facts // Delving Deeper


So considering my views are increasing daily I decided to let you know me that bit more trying to make it non-boring in the process. Choosing ten facts about yourself is much harder than expected because they have to be interesting right? 

Fact one:

I have a leopard Gecko and 3 cats (I only really like one cat)
Leo is in his second year in living in my house and continues to be an awesome little lizard. Cats. They sleep, they eat, they go to the toilet...and occasionally love you...occasionally. 

Fact two:

I started playing guitar when I was ten with a tiny pink guitar and now have a collection of three guitars and a ukulele which I got for Christmas. If you don't play any instruments I highly suggest ukulele's they are probably the best to start off as they are small and easy as well as great sounding.

Fact three:

Yes, I have always loved books and my childhood favourite author was Jacqueline Wilson and has now changed to John Green, Cassandra Clare or Alex Barclay. All three authors write completely different but maybe that's what attracts me to them.

Fact four:

Last year around spring/summer I was persuaded by my best friend to start ballet. This was one of the biggest decisions I made last year as I always saw ballet as something I would never be able to do or enjoy. Looking back now it's been the best thing I've done. My confidence has started to grow, I've become friends with people who I now count as part of my closest friends (you know who you are dude) and best of all I enjoy it. I also tried tap...that lasted around 3 months... So now I am a ballet and modern dance student at The Joyce Butler School Of Dance. It's awesome.

Fact five:
I like vintage styles and very basic clothes. Bowler hats, chelsea boots, Dr Martens, over-sized shirts, plain coats. I won't follow a trend, if I want to wear something then I will wear it...That's a good thing right?

Fact six:

My aim for this year is optimism. For my birthday last year my best friend bought me a little ornament type of hanging angel which helps give optimistic views. Obviously this isn't my source of positivism but it is a key point and I remember that having a bad day doesn't mean having a bad life.

Fact seven:

I dip-dyed my hair blue last year during a spontaneous moment...not the best idea as it took months to get my hair back to top health but it was pretty awesome whilst it lasted! (A photo is on instagram - shannonxx8697) 

Fact eight:

Journalism is the path I want to take...if you didn't already know. I want to write for a  music magazine or fashion magazine. I particularly don't want to be part of a gossip magazine. No, nope, nada, no.

Fact nine:

I have a never ending range of music. One minute I can listen to bands such as Of Mice And Men or Suicide Silence then the next I can listen to The Wanted or Gabrielle Aplin or older music such as The Everly brothers or The Beatles. It's a very big library but music is music.

Fact ten:

Starting a blog was one of the coolest things I did in 2013. I thought that there would be no one reading it but as the stats slowly make their way up I realise there are actually people that read it and even enjoy it from allover the world such as the UK, USA, the Netherlands and even Germany, everywhere. It's pretty cool.

Well that was a long one right? If you didn't fall asleep when reading then I hope you liked it and know you know more about the writer behind the screen.

What did I do over the weekend? I re-discovered my love for All Time low and other bands such as We Are The In Crowd and  Tonight Alive. I also began being more organised and have started planning blog posts properly and now I shouldn't miss any more up-blog days! If you want to leave a comment then go ahead down below! I got a comment last time and it's really great to know that people enjoy what the blog consists of.

Thursday's a'coming!
Shannon xx

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