Thursday, 27 February 2014

A Righteous Rant // Episode Two


Here we are with another rant to bring you joy,anger,frustration or plain boredom, with the topic of opinions.

Now then. Can opinions really be an issue to rant about? Well, my opinion is yes. My point is that everyone has separate and different opinions which is the way things are meant to be but when someone tells you that your opinion is wrong and has the narrow-minded view that what they think is the only way then that is where a problem occurs.

Whatever happened to "Agree to disagree"?

A constant battle I have with opinions of others is musical tastes. I'm very open minded when it comes to music as previously said and I can listen to anything from pop ,indie, heavy rock, country, anything! But I have had the challenge of trying to explain that some of this music isn't 'Screamo death music' just because they instruments are used in a more vigorous and more musical way it doesn't mean to say that the lyrics are much different to everyday pop music we hear on the radio. 

Music isn't the only thing in the world to have a mixture of opinions about of course! There are topics of sexuality, sexism, racism or even the clothes people choose to wear. When the matter of a fact is that not everyone is brought up with the same thoughts and ideas on things so there will be disagreements but taking it to the point of insulting the person instead of challenging their opinion isn't how society should be formed.

Don't forget...
Even if others don't agree.

Well, this rant wasn't as deep as the last one but this is one of my pet peeves! I like doing these rants when they really fire me up so maybe I'll start planning some more, seeing as my last one got the most views out of all of my blog posts:) 

Shannon xx

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