Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A Righteous Rant // The Bikini Bridge


Well today I didn't have an exact idea for a blog so I decided upon something that is suddenly becoming the new trend; Bikini Bridges. Last year the whole population was talking about 'thigh gaps' but now we have been granted with another stupid idea. The last time I checked a 'trend' was to do with fashion and not your body.

If you haven't heard about this yet, then count yourself lucky as this is the most pathetic thing...ever! A bikini bridge is basically a gap between your hip bone and bikini bottoms around your lower abdomen.

The fact that this new hoax is becoming something that young girls desire is going to end in disaster. Young girls are self-conscious enough without these awful 'trends' but by promoting things like this it will make girls feel worse about themselves. I'm not saying that if you have one that's awful, I mean good for you but it can and probably will lead to some girls becoming ill in the process of trying to get one. 

Not ever girl in the world will have a 'bikini bridge' or a 'thigh gap' as previously mentioned. Everyone was born different and if everyone looked that same would that not make a very bland world? A perfect example for someone who was made ill by the media is Demi Lovato. She went through many stages in her life where she didn't feel good about herself and one of these aspects was that she thought she was fat because the media only showed slimmer girls. Demi who is now better than ever has quoted in her book 'Staying Strong' that "you are wonderfully and beautifully made" She says that this mantra helps her stay optimistic and remind herself that she is perfect the way she is, and she is.

To round this all off 'The bikini Bridge' more like 'The body bitch' is not going to be everyones bestfriend nor will everyone have one. THAT IS OKAY but some people will have one THAT IS ALSO OKAY. Everyone has different body shapes as hard as that is to believe you just need to know whats best for your body.

This blog ended quite deep didn't it? Well, I hope I got the message across but I am planning Thursday's blog already and hopefully it will be great! Let me know what you thought on this blog, shall I do more ranting blogs? What do you want to read?
Thank you for reading.

Shannon xx

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