Sunday, 2 February 2014

Films In A Nutshell // 2014 reviews


Well, it's the second day of the second month! I spent today having a relaxing film day consisting of scary films... why?! However gave me the perfect idea for a blog; so here we are. I saw an array of good films last year whether they were brought out last year or a few years ago. 

The first film I saw in the cinema as probably 'Kiss Ass 2" I WAS SO EXCITED! I had waited three years for a sequel and it was finally here obviously I was excited to see Aaron Johnson in another film and he didn't disappoint. The film was full of as much action as the previous one as well as twists and turns throughout. It's fair to say it kicked ass! 3.5/5

I also saw a film called "The Butler" This film was all about the Civil rights in America in the 1950-60's and although my friend and I were the youngest in the cinema screen it was still amazingly enjoyable and as touching as can be. 4/5

Romantic film of the year! "About time" This film was so sweet and romantic it touched your heart. I saw this with my best friend; Caitlin and after watching a film about two people hopelessly falling in love we did what all teenage girls would do. Go home and ate our feelings. 3.5/5

An entirely different film I saw with Caitlin was "The Conjuring" I am pretty good with scary films but this is such an enticing film it keeps you guessing and jumping out of your seat. I actually watched this film for a second time this afternoon and by doing so you can really notice how well the actors portray the characters. The acting is superb and there isn't a glitch in any of the actors scenes. It is the best scary film I have ever seen. 5/5

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. THIS FILM WAS AMAZING! And if you haven't seen it...go and see it! It is seriously such an amazing film, the whole cast and crew worked so hard to make the film the best it could be and it shows. Jennifer Lawrence really gets into the character of Katniss and adds to the films greatness. 5/5

One thing I've learnt from this blog is that I go to the cinema with the same person A LOT.
This week however has brought us The Fault In Our Stars trailer and I have to admit it brought a tear to my eye, how will I last the whole film? If you haven't seen it then here is a link:

Lastly, I have been listening to an Irish duo; of two brothers, a lot recently called Hudson Taylor, their music is an old folk type and it is liberating to listen to as this music isn't around as much and I think it should. Go check them out.

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Shannon xx

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