Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A Digital Lover // TV Shows


Back to school. FOR TWO MORE MONTHS! This year is literally flying by so fast it's incredible. Every day we are reminded that we don't have much time left until our GCSE's which are going to CHANGE OUR LIVES forever!!! Of course they will form a bit part of it, but they won't be the make or break of our lives! Anywho! I've now started to watch more and more TV shows, so here we go! 

Firstly, my favourite show. 
American Horror Story.
This may not be everybody's cup of tea but the creating of it is immense! The writer who also writes Glee shows that he is a very versatile writer as well as the actors involved in each season. Evan peters who has now played three different characters is a part of what makes the show so unique as well as his co-star Taissa Farmiga. The twisted story lines makes the show so captivating and original it's not wonder it's popularity is slowly rising.

My Mad Fat Diary.
(I believe this show is only aired in Britain) There aren't even words for how much I cringe during every episode of this show but that's what makes it so addictive. The cast are brilliant and I love the fact that there is a program which includes lives of teenagers going through the changes every teenager goes through and the physiological effect things can have on young adults. I have to say though, one reason which makes the show so enjoyable is Nico Mirallegro.

Teen Wolf.
A new one added to the collection but I don't know why I didn't watch it earlier! I had anticipated for it to be completely illogical and very fake but it has the perfect mix of fantasy and artistic creating with a bonus of comedic scripting. 

The Ellen Show.
Does this count? Either way there isn't a time where Ellen Degeneres fails to make me laugh. I find all of her little segments online and my favourite has to be 'Kevin the cashier goes to...' or when she tells celebrities what to say. 

This shows is what it says on the tin; a show about a bunch of misfits who are doing community service for breaking the law but whilst doing so they learn they all how 'powers'. A show that uses a lot of rude humour and swearing it shows a clear vision of how the British live...some anyway.

The constant battle of young love, taking the right path in life, friends, family, drug and alcohol. A clear summary of skins. The three generations have all shown that there is more to life than studying for things that might not even change your life giving you an insight to life outside of the dull walls of a college classroom. Again a very British show but worth the laughs and heartbreak from falling in love with characters you can never have.

Who hasn't watched supernatural? Although I'm somewhere in between season two and three (I think) I already love this show, however I only watch it every week or so as my best friend and I have some how made it that we only watch it together...The more episodes I watch the more I realise that I'm not actually scared of anything anymore...or at the moment anyway! The constant story line of trying to find their dad makes Sam and Dean's adventures even more intense as well as thrilling whilst meeting demons along the way!

I know I have missed out so many TV shows but who wants a blog post that never ends?! Not you I presume. Do any of you watch any of the shows I mentioned? If not, then check them out, I'm pretty sure they are all available online and will soon have a hold of your minds as much as they do mine! If you can't tell already then this wasn't exactly a planned blog post...BUT I do have Thursday's blog planned and ready to roll! 

Shannon xx

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