Thursday, 20 February 2014

Growing Ideas // 2014 Wishlist

Good Thursday, (is that a correct greeting??)

There are a few things I'm hoping to have by the end of this year, both in owning and doing. So I put it into a list... kind of like a bucket list of things I'd like to happen and to have this year.

Firstly a job. Once GCSE's are over I am praying for a proper job. The fact that I will be able to earn my own money is the main reason but also to get out into the world and do things. Although my first job will probably be in a retail shop or something basic like that a job is a job and THEY ARE SO HARD TO FIND! I cannot even express my hatred for the process of job hunting. It is crazy.

Two! A Polaroid camera. The fact that you can take a photo and instantly have it is the best idea and I think that's where today's technology messed up. Don't get me wrong I love today's technology and it has its perks but the Polaroid camera is something that shouldn't have disappeared into distant memory's.

Trés! A professional camera. Yes, the complete opposite to a Polaroid camera but taking photography at A-level has made me realise how much I wouldn't mind being part of a photographers world. Although I do have a fairly decent camera it's not a fully professional one that does all the jazzy stuff!

Doc Martens. I do already have a pair but they are too big and they are the shiny type. (I am selling, if anyone is interested. Black, womens size 6). I particularly want plain black matte ones but eventually I also want burgundy ones.

As mentioned previously on Tuesday's blog post I like quite vintage looks sometimes and I really want to buy a shift dress. Originally around in the 60's they are slowly making a comeback and I have seen a few that have caught my eye. Also on the line of clothes I really want to buy a jumpsuit this summer and the one in the photo above is from new look. I think the coral colour is really nice and summery and also makes a  change from normal colours.

Books! Yes I want to add to my growing collection! I already have a few books in mind that I need to go and buy but if any of you have any ideas for me then go ahead in the comments section below:) 
Speaking of books, why must they make you so attached to characters?! I'm currently reading The Mortal Instruments: City Of Ashes and I just can't begin to describe my feelings. Secondly, I was speaking to a friend of mine whilst she read Looking For Alaska and well, I think she is now emotionally unstable for the rest of her life...

"John Green just wants to make his readers cry...that is his intention"

R U trying to stop 'mr' heart...yes...I know how to write in english...
So that rounds off the end of today's blog! I hope it changed your life forever! Or at least gave you something to do for two minutes. Make sure you follow this blog and follow all my links:) (Found in the tab at the top of the page!)

So long for now!
Shannon xx

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