Saturday, 29 March 2014

A Roundabout Conclusion // Weekly life

Hello again!

Today's blog post I figured I would just talk about what's been going on this week and anything to update you about! 

I might as well start off with the most exciting part of my week which was getting tickets to see a 'band' called Hudson Taylor. An Irish duo of brothers who are a mixture of modern, folk and guitar music. Introduced by my best friend I loved them the first time I heard them and when I heard that they were doing a gig in London I was so so excited, so here we are. Tickets bought and counting down the days...which happens to be in the middle of exams; well we need a night to have fun right? If you haven't heard of Hudson Taylor then there will be a link down below to check them out on YouTube for a song which is a personal favourite.

If you didn't know already I have an older sister who is all grown up and lives in Wimbledon with her boyfriend and on Tuesday night she popped in with some clothes she had grown out of which luckily would fit me. This now resulting in my wardrobe 110% full and me having a whole range of new clothes! One of the many benefits of having an older sister hey! Also clothing related I finally bought myself an oversize denim jacket which although is from Ebay is practically brand new!

Another recent thing that has taken up a lot of concentration and time at the moment is dance as we are rehearsing for a show in an actual theater and I'm in it! To think that this time last year I was (very skeptically) joining ballet for the very first time and I didn't even know what a first position was is incredible as now I'm the top character in our Ballet show as well as being in the Modern dance segment too. It really proves that if you challenge yourself you can really benefit from it, in so many ways such as, confidence boosts, meeting new people&friends or in this case improving your flexibility. Which leads me onto another point of dance which is I was able to do the splits at my last dance class which is literally insane as I have never EVER been a very flexible person. C-R-A-Z-Y.
This is the new aim.

As the weeks go by the word 'prom' gets thrown around more and more and the date gets closer! Having 100% decided on my dress and the transport there the excitement is starting to kick in and I cannot wait. Having started this year almost dreading prom it's nice to actually look forward to it and the people I'm celebrating the end of year 11 with. Although everyday I come home completely exhausted and drained to the core I know that there's only a few weeks left until the big exams and then I'm free! 

Lastly, I managed to travel to a village on my own. This may sound like a very petty thing but a few months ago this thought would have scared me to the bone and I would never have gone without a friend but due to having started travelling to different places with my best friends it's really helped and even though they don't know it, they have helped a lot. Without them I would be so worried leaving the house to go somewhere or speaking to some one in a shop or sometimes just doing the ten minute walk to school. Having never thanked my best friend for the constant 'being there' for me I feel to do it now , so thank you. 

Moving away from the soppy and sentimental pit we were falling onto, that's all I have for the past week and I guess that by the end of this week I am hoping to have handed out my CV to a few places as well as re-joined the gym, organised my revision and hopefully slept more! 

Hudson Taylor -

That's all for now folks! I hope your weeks were brilliant too:) 
Shannon xx

Friday, 21 March 2014

What To Expect // High School


It looks like I've hibernated all week from blogging but I'm here and alive and am bringing you an extra long installment to make up for missed blog posts!

So if you didn't already know I am in my last year of high school so I would like to think I know a thing or two about it! After 5 years at mine I have learnt that there wouldn't have been a better school for me to have gone to. It's a good education, the students are fairly decent (like 25%) and although there is a lot of pressure it will all be worth it in the end. Here are a few things I've learnt throughout the years of being a High School student.

1. Friends.
Old or new most of mine were new and that was for the best. Knowing I didn't actually have any solid friends making new friends was great for me but making sure I chose the right ones was what made things tricky. Some people with find the perfect friendship group straight away but personally I've floated around 4 different friendship groups and although I only really have two best friends I have 2 friendship groups I'd associate myself with and I wouldn't change a thing right now. I've grown to realise that even if I'm not with one of my best friends all of the time we are still closer than ever and nothings changed. It took time to learn that. Make memories and have fun because in the future that will be harder to do.

2. Crushes.
I'm not sure if 'Crush' is a British word or not but technically it is finding someone you like. I've definitely had my fair share of 'Crushes' and I would say that 90% of them are just ridiculous but it's always the same scenario when I like someone new. Seriously. I have had a mix of good and bad 'Crushes' but most of them I just laugh about. Everyone will go through their stages of liking someone and some definitely more than others and many being unrequited but I think everyone will agree that no matter what your friends are like you will get penalised for liking them and made fun of for it, how else would you expect friends to react?!

The perfect picture to describe a crush.

3. Work.
This is probably the section every grows to despise about school especially when you feel like you;re learning complete rubbish like:
Jenny goes to Starbucks to order a coffee and two teas, using the formula x=2+4t find out how much change she gets from £10.00
That will never be useful in my life but I now know that without knowing that I will not be passing maths and that is something I need! Year 7,8 and 9 I never really took into consideration that all the studying was needed in year 10 and most importantly year 11. I know for a fact that for me revision is an absolute chore and I hate it but putting in the effort and the time it does start to show as I finally got my first pass in maths last week due to pure determination and a lot of free time! 

4. Teachers.
Love them or loathe them they are a vital part of your high school years. I have again had a fair share of good and bad teachers and probably more bad than anything. But one way or another I know that they are just doing their job and in the end are trying to get me a good grade. I currently have one brilliant teacher as he has a laugh with the students but also teaches in a great way that it sticks in my head but on the other hand I also have a slightly worse off teacher that does nothing but shout at us for the whole 50 minutes when the class clowns are playing up! It's pretty exhausting.

5. Stress free day's out.
Especially during the last year it's really important that you spread your time evenly so you have the time for revision AND relaxation because I think that everyone knows that feeling when you're drowning in work due to leaving no time to relax and have some 'me' time. Whether it's alone or with a friend or two (or ten) find some time to relax and have fun. Personally I like to go and look around shops (mostly book related) or just stay in and watch a film and eat pizza then focus on revision and work the next day. Stressing out can also have a massive affect on your mind and body so stay calm:)

6. Self-realisation.

This sounds deep but it can be really hard to find yourself! I know one of my best friend's found herself in a time of not knowing who she was, what friendship group she was in or even what she liked. I personally think that everyone goes through this phase and it can be quite scary. Eventually you'll know exactly what you like, it's almost like putting together a jigsaw puzzle to put the pieces together and know who you are. For me, I know now what makes me happy and how to try and control things in my life, which is only recent. Last year was tough and I think that year 10 can be quite rough for many people but it doesn't last forever you just need to make the effort to change things.

7. Knowing your boundaries. 
This might sound really out of context but let me explain. Of course you want to have fun in your lessons and if possible even have a laugh or a joke with your teacher but I know so many people that can take it a step too far and push the teacher's buttons leaving a tense atmosphere for the whole class. I'm lucky enough to have fun with a fair few of my teachers but there's still one or two people that don't understand enough is enough for some teachers...

8. Laughter IS the best medicine! 
I literally do not go through an hour without laughing and normally full on laughing! I don't know how or why but when my best friend and I are together there isn't a moment we aren't laughing. On a Friday afternoon we have a double period of Business we don't actually feel like it's a lesson, it's like a social thing where we throw in a few business terms in now and again but mostly laughing, moaning and crying of laughter again. No matter what, I'd say remember to have fun whilst learning...even if you're not meant to be.

9. Enemies.
The same as friends; as soon as you start high school you're going to clash with some people. Some for obvious reasons but others you just might not get along with. Everyone will have people they don't like or get along with and to be honest, finding someone you also share them feelings for makes life a lot more interesting to say the least.


Whether you wear a uniform or not you will most probably be judged on how you look but does it matter? NO. Again this was a recent discovery for me. The people you are being 'judged' by are only in your life for a small percentage of it; 5 years! So if they are shallow enough to judge you on the way you look then they clearly aren't the ones you need to worry about during your time in high school.

Now not every high school will be a
but make the most of it and it will be alright! I believe so anyway...

I hope this was a nice and long enough blog post to make up for the lack of blogging recently and that it enlightened you on your high school life no matter where about's you are in it! The amazing sun has slightly hidden itself from Britain again this weekend and it will be another weekend in but I am currently planning another blog-post which is slightly different to my usual stuff but I hope you enjoy it and thank you for reading!

Until I write again!
Shannon xx

Saturday, 15 March 2014

How to // Spring And Summer Hairstyles.


I had no time to blog this week so I am very sorry if anyone was expecting me to do them! But I did spend my whole morning sorting out a new one and considering the weather is just beautiful today it made me think about doing a spring/summer hairstyle blog. These are 4 simple hairstyles which I will definitely be sporting this season.

A clear blue sky in England?! What?

So, starting off-

1. Half up, half down. This hairstyle is so simple and looks so sweet. I added a little bow clip to add an extra cuteness!

2. Plaited/Braided ponytail. This is also amazingly simple and still effective. I usually clip my fringe back and push it up giving my hair a bit more volume and then I plait/braid a side section of my hair. After the plait is finished I simply pull my hair up into a pony tail including the plait and tie it up. After this I carry on to plait some more sections of my pony tail to jazz up my pony tail!

3. Quick bun! HOW SIMPLE CAN YOU GET? For this I again clip back and secure my fringe to add volume and then proceed to tie back my hair into a pony tail with a plain hair band. I then use a hair scrunchie to add a touch of cuteness and flavour to the hairstyle and use it to make my hair into a simple bun. Quick and cute!
Excuse my paleness. 
4. The French Plait. Some people find this fairly difficult but once you know it, it's so easy! You just take a section of hair from the top of your head and split it into three and begin to plait it like normal, but each time you add another layer to the plait you add more hair into it so eventually all of your hair is in the plait. It's optional how loose or tight you do it.

I hope you enjoyed this and try some of them out! If there was any information I missed out on any of the hairstyles then feel free to contact me about it and ask me! Due to the sun making an unexpected appearance this week it's definitely boosted everyone's mood even after a four hour exam period of maths!  Although I am staying in this weekend and watching the box set of 'Modern Family' my cats are thoroughly enjoying the sun!

Shannon xx 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Bad People In Life // Getting Deep


I hope you enjoyed Friday's blog and am here again to bring you another blog run off of my thoughts and feelings. Today's topic is somewhat different as it is all about you and I's bodies. As I previously said in a rant ( Which you can find here!) Everybody has a different body shape and that's no secret. We should embrace this instead of hiding it and feeling shy because of it. 

I know that from previous experiences that people will judge you for your appearance, whether it be your skin, weight, height or even style. For some reason some people find it acceptable to make fun of others for these reason and make them lose any self esteem they have. When I was in primary school I was the one with no friends throughout them 7 years and have been bullied multiple times for my weight in the past. These situations can really have an effect on your life, even if you think you're just saying a few harmful words to someone as a "joke" them words can stick with that person forever and can really leave them feeling abused and torn. Things like this can lead to paths or turmoil in a persons life and can leave them in a really bad way as it did me. 

Things like this can make you think you're not good enough and that you were made 'wrong' because you don't look like everyone else and that makes you want to change yourself. I took matters into my own hands and I changed myself; not in the best way but I'm happier now and am much more conscious of myself and am making my fitness and health are up to the standards I want them by doing dance, going to the gym and still eating what I want but not ALL the time. I've grown now to learn that there are going to be people that don't accept you and won't like you for an array of reasons but if you like yourself then that's all that matters.

 I love this.

The other day I was scrolling through tumblr as I do daily and I came upon a post that really stood out to me. As you can see it says quite a controversial statement about what someone may say about a boy having acne and there being a defensive response which I  thoroughly respect. Acne is very common in teenagers and younger adults. About 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 will be affected by acne and although I haven't experienced it I know how much of an irritating and hard thing it is to deal with through daily life. Just like many other things this is also a popular reason for bringing teen's self esteem lower than low and it shouldn't. The main reason it makes people self conscious is because there are people out there who are jerks and judgemental and might say something when in reality they make no different to who you are. No matter how serious or mild it may be you are still the same great person and beautiful in every way.

Through out our lives we are going to hear bad things said about us but it doesn't matter. Why? You may ask, and because although you may not realise it there are so many people around you and in your life that are much more important than those who have nothing nice to say. Friends and family are those who are important in life and they will stick with you through whatever.  If anyone is feeling low and extremly insecure about any of the reasons I've spoken about or other reasons then I'm always here as well as your friends and family! 

I hope this blog wasn't too deep for any of you; it was a lot deeper than I expected that's for sure! Either way I hope you enjoyed it and have a great week! 

Shannon xx 

Friday, 7 March 2014

Those Who Matter // Friends Are Family Too


I didn't upload a blog yesterday as I was so busy after school and dance I was exhausted by the time I got home and just didn't have time! But, fear not I am here with a pretty much general blog post where I just write what I think and feel.

People. Love them or loathe them, you will come across so many different people in your lifetime and some of them will stay with you forever. I have been lucky enough to have some of the most amazing friends in my life and although I wasn't one with many friends in primary school (Elementary school) but once I started high school I was able to actually able to make friends including two best friends that I hope to have throughout the rest of my life. I've began to learn that friendships that end are friendships that never really started and I believe that, sometimes.

Friends are the family you choose and they are there for you through thick and thin and the people you can be weird and have fun with whilst also knowing there serious side of the friendship. I know personally that sometimes I have moments of doubt about myself as a friend to others and feel like I don't deserve the friends I have but then I remember that if I didn't deserve them then they wouldn't stay with me.

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you. – Elbert Hubbard

I really like this quote by Elbert Hubbard as it really does say the true meaning of a friendship because your friends can see you at your worst points and will stand by you until you're okay again and vice versa. They know your deepest darkest secrets and won't judge you even if you think they will. One thing that has made me realise how important friendship truly is, is school and the pressure it brings especially during the build up to exam season. You know that everyone is feeling the same amount of pressure as you and that they understand the same about you and you can just forget about all the revision and endless amounts of homework's for a few hours.

Whether they are best friend's, close friend's, friend's or just acquaintances always remember how much you mean to them and how much they mean to you because that's a  realisation I've come to recently. Without friends some of us wouldn't survive. They're our safetey blankets and even though some of them might be bloody crazy we still love them with all our hearts sometimes it hurts!

I hope you enjoyed today's blog and it enlightened you! Be sure to let me know what you think if you want to and enjoy your weekend:)

Shannon xx

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Pancake Galore // A Tempting Tuesday


Tuesday has arrive and here I am with another blog post to brighten up your day! Although this is only the second day of the week I have already had a hectic time including things like watershed's, weird websites and pancakes!!! Most of that will mean nothing to you but trust me I've never had such a lively Monday!

As I go to a christian school we are building our way up to lent which normally means you give something up for 40 days in order to symbolise Jesus' temptation in the desert. Every year I attempt to give something up like chocolate, or biscuits or any sugary drinks (I don't actually drink any) and every year I fail and end up breaking it. This year I have got an amazing wave of determination and am aiming to give up chocolate for 40 days and if I can do biscuits as well then hey! That's a bonus!

But! Before all this starts it is a tradition to use up all the 'fatty' ingredients in your house which mainly include flour, butter and milk...the perfect recipe for pancakes! So yes, I have indulged myself in pancakes with jam, lemon juice, sugar and a cheeky smear of chocolate before I give it up! I have to say that flipping pancakes comes like a natural sport to me...maybe we should enter it into the Olympics? Well actually it isn't a fitness maybe not hey? 

I attempted a pancake or two!

This turned into a very religious blog didn't it? Although I go to a christian school and have done my whole life I wouldn't say I am a devout christian but I do believe in some aspects of it but that's a whole other blog post! Keeping it light (like my pancakes) I hope you sprinkle your pancakes with extra sugar and if you don't eat pancakes then..go buy yourself a cake. You're worth it dude.

Do any of you start lent tomorrow? Or are just giving something up for the hell of it? Let me know down below! 

Until next time

Shannon xx

Sunday, 2 March 2014

How to // Sweet Chili Chicken and Prawn Stir-fry.


Seeing as I enjoyed making the last one I decided I shall do another 'how to:' video...yet again food related. This is one of the first dishes I learnt to make and it tastes heavenly.

-Ready to wok rice noodles.
-Ready cooked chunky chicken.
-King Prawns.
-Sweet chili sauce.
-Chili and Garlice sauce.
-x2 Ready made stir-fry vegetable packs.
-Stir-fry (or ordinary cooking) oil.

Here we go!

Start by pouring about 2-3 tsp oil into a wok, add to the heat and once it is sizzling a bit add the prawns. This will crisp them up a bit more and add a more of a softer texture inside whilst they are still perfect on the out. Once they seem ready drain them using a colander or a sieve and 2 (new) tsp of oil to the wok and re-heat. This time adding the vegetables and mix until they shrink twice the size.
I use two packets as one never seems to be enough!
Next, add the sachet of sauce with the chicken and prawns and stir well.

Now the noodles are ready to go in. The reason ready to wok noodles are the best to use here is because they are already cooked to it saves time and washing up!

After keeping it on the heat for another 5-10 minutes, you're done! This meal is quick,, simple and delicious. 
Why not add some prawn crackers to add to the oriental taste?
Well that was a quick one today! I hope you enjoyed it and now you can cook a simple meal for your family...or loved ones if you have one...Bearing in mind this serves around 4-5 people you can always alter the ingredients to suit you best!

Please send me some feedback as I'd really like to know what you think and if there is anything you would want me to do a 'How to:' about; I'm up for a challenge!

Shannon xx