Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Pancake Galore // A Tempting Tuesday


Tuesday has arrive and here I am with another blog post to brighten up your day! Although this is only the second day of the week I have already had a hectic time including things like watershed's, weird websites and pancakes!!! Most of that will mean nothing to you but trust me I've never had such a lively Monday!

As I go to a christian school we are building our way up to lent which normally means you give something up for 40 days in order to symbolise Jesus' temptation in the desert. Every year I attempt to give something up like chocolate, or biscuits or any sugary drinks (I don't actually drink any) and every year I fail and end up breaking it. This year I have got an amazing wave of determination and am aiming to give up chocolate for 40 days and if I can do biscuits as well then hey! That's a bonus!

But! Before all this starts it is a tradition to use up all the 'fatty' ingredients in your house which mainly include flour, butter and milk...the perfect recipe for pancakes! So yes, I have indulged myself in pancakes with jam, lemon juice, sugar and a cheeky smear of chocolate before I give it up! I have to say that flipping pancakes comes like a natural sport to me...maybe we should enter it into the Olympics? Well actually it isn't a fitness sport...so maybe not hey? 

I attempted a pancake or two!

This turned into a very religious blog didn't it? Although I go to a christian school and have done my whole life I wouldn't say I am a devout christian but I do believe in some aspects of it but that's a whole other blog post! Keeping it light (like my pancakes) I hope you sprinkle your pancakes with extra sugar and if you don't eat pancakes then..go buy yourself a cake. You're worth it dude.

Do any of you start lent tomorrow? Or are just giving something up for the hell of it? Let me know down below! 

Until next time

Shannon xx

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