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What To Expect // High School


It looks like I've hibernated all week from blogging but I'm here and alive and am bringing you an extra long installment to make up for missed blog posts!

So if you didn't already know I am in my last year of high school so I would like to think I know a thing or two about it! After 5 years at mine I have learnt that there wouldn't have been a better school for me to have gone to. It's a good education, the students are fairly decent (like 25%) and although there is a lot of pressure it will all be worth it in the end. Here are a few things I've learnt throughout the years of being a High School student.

1. Friends.
Old or new most of mine were new and that was for the best. Knowing I didn't actually have any solid friends making new friends was great for me but making sure I chose the right ones was what made things tricky. Some people with find the perfect friendship group straight away but personally I've floated around 4 different friendship groups and although I only really have two best friends I have 2 friendship groups I'd associate myself with and I wouldn't change a thing right now. I've grown to realise that even if I'm not with one of my best friends all of the time we are still closer than ever and nothings changed. It took time to learn that. Make memories and have fun because in the future that will be harder to do.

2. Crushes.
I'm not sure if 'Crush' is a British word or not but technically it is finding someone you like. I've definitely had my fair share of 'Crushes' and I would say that 90% of them are just ridiculous but it's always the same scenario when I like someone new. Seriously. I have had a mix of good and bad 'Crushes' but most of them I just laugh about. Everyone will go through their stages of liking someone and some definitely more than others and many being unrequited but I think everyone will agree that no matter what your friends are like you will get penalised for liking them and made fun of for it, how else would you expect friends to react?!

The perfect picture to describe a crush.

3. Work.
This is probably the section every grows to despise about school especially when you feel like you;re learning complete rubbish like:
Jenny goes to Starbucks to order a coffee and two teas, using the formula x=2+4t find out how much change she gets from £10.00
That will never be useful in my life but I now know that without knowing that I will not be passing maths and that is something I need! Year 7,8 and 9 I never really took into consideration that all the studying was needed in year 10 and most importantly year 11. I know for a fact that for me revision is an absolute chore and I hate it but putting in the effort and the time it does start to show as I finally got my first pass in maths last week due to pure determination and a lot of free time! 

4. Teachers.
Love them or loathe them they are a vital part of your high school years. I have again had a fair share of good and bad teachers and probably more bad than anything. But one way or another I know that they are just doing their job and in the end are trying to get me a good grade. I currently have one brilliant teacher as he has a laugh with the students but also teaches in a great way that it sticks in my head but on the other hand I also have a slightly worse off teacher that does nothing but shout at us for the whole 50 minutes when the class clowns are playing up! It's pretty exhausting.

5. Stress free day's out.
Especially during the last year it's really important that you spread your time evenly so you have the time for revision AND relaxation because I think that everyone knows that feeling when you're drowning in work due to leaving no time to relax and have some 'me' time. Whether it's alone or with a friend or two (or ten) find some time to relax and have fun. Personally I like to go and look around shops (mostly book related) or just stay in and watch a film and eat pizza then focus on revision and work the next day. Stressing out can also have a massive affect on your mind and body so stay calm:)

6. Self-realisation.

This sounds deep but it can be really hard to find yourself! I know one of my best friend's found herself in a time of not knowing who she was, what friendship group she was in or even what she liked. I personally think that everyone goes through this phase and it can be quite scary. Eventually you'll know exactly what you like, it's almost like putting together a jigsaw puzzle to put the pieces together and know who you are. For me, I know now what makes me happy and how to try and control things in my life, which is only recent. Last year was tough and I think that year 10 can be quite rough for many people but it doesn't last forever you just need to make the effort to change things.

7. Knowing your boundaries. 
This might sound really out of context but let me explain. Of course you want to have fun in your lessons and if possible even have a laugh or a joke with your teacher but I know so many people that can take it a step too far and push the teacher's buttons leaving a tense atmosphere for the whole class. I'm lucky enough to have fun with a fair few of my teachers but there's still one or two people that don't understand enough is enough for some teachers...

8. Laughter IS the best medicine! 
I literally do not go through an hour without laughing and normally full on laughing! I don't know how or why but when my best friend and I are together there isn't a moment we aren't laughing. On a Friday afternoon we have a double period of Business we don't actually feel like it's a lesson, it's like a social thing where we throw in a few business terms in now and again but mostly laughing, moaning and crying of laughter again. No matter what, I'd say remember to have fun whilst learning...even if you're not meant to be.

9. Enemies.
The same as friends; as soon as you start high school you're going to clash with some people. Some for obvious reasons but others you just might not get along with. Everyone will have people they don't like or get along with and to be honest, finding someone you also share them feelings for makes life a lot more interesting to say the least.


Whether you wear a uniform or not you will most probably be judged on how you look but does it matter? NO. Again this was a recent discovery for me. The people you are being 'judged' by are only in your life for a small percentage of it; 5 years! So if they are shallow enough to judge you on the way you look then they clearly aren't the ones you need to worry about during your time in high school.

Now not every high school will be a
but make the most of it and it will be alright! I believe so anyway...

I hope this was a nice and long enough blog post to make up for the lack of blogging recently and that it enlightened you on your high school life no matter where about's you are in it! The amazing sun has slightly hidden itself from Britain again this weekend and it will be another weekend in but I am currently planning another blog-post which is slightly different to my usual stuff but I hope you enjoy it and thank you for reading!

Until I write again!
Shannon xx

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