Saturday, 15 March 2014

How to // Spring And Summer Hairstyles.


I had no time to blog this week so I am very sorry if anyone was expecting me to do them! But I did spend my whole morning sorting out a new one and considering the weather is just beautiful today it made me think about doing a spring/summer hairstyle blog. These are 4 simple hairstyles which I will definitely be sporting this season.

A clear blue sky in England?! What?

So, starting off-

1. Half up, half down. This hairstyle is so simple and looks so sweet. I added a little bow clip to add an extra cuteness!

2. Plaited/Braided ponytail. This is also amazingly simple and still effective. I usually clip my fringe back and push it up giving my hair a bit more volume and then I plait/braid a side section of my hair. After the plait is finished I simply pull my hair up into a pony tail including the plait and tie it up. After this I carry on to plait some more sections of my pony tail to jazz up my pony tail!

3. Quick bun! HOW SIMPLE CAN YOU GET? For this I again clip back and secure my fringe to add volume and then proceed to tie back my hair into a pony tail with a plain hair band. I then use a hair scrunchie to add a touch of cuteness and flavour to the hairstyle and use it to make my hair into a simple bun. Quick and cute!
Excuse my paleness. 
4. The French Plait. Some people find this fairly difficult but once you know it, it's so easy! You just take a section of hair from the top of your head and split it into three and begin to plait it like normal, but each time you add another layer to the plait you add more hair into it so eventually all of your hair is in the plait. It's optional how loose or tight you do it.

I hope you enjoyed this and try some of them out! If there was any information I missed out on any of the hairstyles then feel free to contact me about it and ask me! Due to the sun making an unexpected appearance this week it's definitely boosted everyone's mood even after a four hour exam period of maths!  Although I am staying in this weekend and watching the box set of 'Modern Family' my cats are thoroughly enjoying the sun!

Shannon xx 

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