Sunday, 2 March 2014

How to // Sweet Chili Chicken and Prawn Stir-fry.


Seeing as I enjoyed making the last one I decided I shall do another 'how to:' video...yet again food related. This is one of the first dishes I learnt to make and it tastes heavenly.

-Ready to wok rice noodles.
-Ready cooked chunky chicken.
-King Prawns.
-Sweet chili sauce.
-Chili and Garlice sauce.
-x2 Ready made stir-fry vegetable packs.
-Stir-fry (or ordinary cooking) oil.

Here we go!

Start by pouring about 2-3 tsp oil into a wok, add to the heat and once it is sizzling a bit add the prawns. This will crisp them up a bit more and add a more of a softer texture inside whilst they are still perfect on the out. Once they seem ready drain them using a colander or a sieve and 2 (new) tsp of oil to the wok and re-heat. This time adding the vegetables and mix until they shrink twice the size.
I use two packets as one never seems to be enough!
Next, add the sachet of sauce with the chicken and prawns and stir well.

Now the noodles are ready to go in. The reason ready to wok noodles are the best to use here is because they are already cooked to it saves time and washing up!

After keeping it on the heat for another 5-10 minutes, you're done! This meal is quick,, simple and delicious. 
Why not add some prawn crackers to add to the oriental taste?
Well that was a quick one today! I hope you enjoyed it and now you can cook a simple meal for your family...or loved ones if you have one...Bearing in mind this serves around 4-5 people you can always alter the ingredients to suit you best!

Please send me some feedback as I'd really like to know what you think and if there is anything you would want me to do a 'How to:' about; I'm up for a challenge!

Shannon xx

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