Saturday, 29 March 2014

A Roundabout Conclusion // Weekly life

Hello again!

Today's blog post I figured I would just talk about what's been going on this week and anything to update you about! 

I might as well start off with the most exciting part of my week which was getting tickets to see a 'band' called Hudson Taylor. An Irish duo of brothers who are a mixture of modern, folk and guitar music. Introduced by my best friend I loved them the first time I heard them and when I heard that they were doing a gig in London I was so so excited, so here we are. Tickets bought and counting down the days...which happens to be in the middle of exams; well we need a night to have fun right? If you haven't heard of Hudson Taylor then there will be a link down below to check them out on YouTube for a song which is a personal favourite.

If you didn't know already I have an older sister who is all grown up and lives in Wimbledon with her boyfriend and on Tuesday night she popped in with some clothes she had grown out of which luckily would fit me. This now resulting in my wardrobe 110% full and me having a whole range of new clothes! One of the many benefits of having an older sister hey! Also clothing related I finally bought myself an oversize denim jacket which although is from Ebay is practically brand new!

Another recent thing that has taken up a lot of concentration and time at the moment is dance as we are rehearsing for a show in an actual theater and I'm in it! To think that this time last year I was (very skeptically) joining ballet for the very first time and I didn't even know what a first position was is incredible as now I'm the top character in our Ballet show as well as being in the Modern dance segment too. It really proves that if you challenge yourself you can really benefit from it, in so many ways such as, confidence boosts, meeting new people&friends or in this case improving your flexibility. Which leads me onto another point of dance which is I was able to do the splits at my last dance class which is literally insane as I have never EVER been a very flexible person. C-R-A-Z-Y.
This is the new aim.

As the weeks go by the word 'prom' gets thrown around more and more and the date gets closer! Having 100% decided on my dress and the transport there the excitement is starting to kick in and I cannot wait. Having started this year almost dreading prom it's nice to actually look forward to it and the people I'm celebrating the end of year 11 with. Although everyday I come home completely exhausted and drained to the core I know that there's only a few weeks left until the big exams and then I'm free! 

Lastly, I managed to travel to a village on my own. This may sound like a very petty thing but a few months ago this thought would have scared me to the bone and I would never have gone without a friend but due to having started travelling to different places with my best friends it's really helped and even though they don't know it, they have helped a lot. Without them I would be so worried leaving the house to go somewhere or speaking to some one in a shop or sometimes just doing the ten minute walk to school. Having never thanked my best friend for the constant 'being there' for me I feel to do it now , so thank you. 

Moving away from the soppy and sentimental pit we were falling onto, that's all I have for the past week and I guess that by the end of this week I am hoping to have handed out my CV to a few places as well as re-joined the gym, organised my revision and hopefully slept more! 

Hudson Taylor -

That's all for now folks! I hope your weeks were brilliant too:) 
Shannon xx

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