Monday, 30 June 2014

A Night For The Stars // Prom

Hello again!

I'm back again with an exciting and somewhat beautiful blog post for you all.
As of two weeks ago I finished high school, which is pretty awesome but also means I'm closer to becoming a self-dependent adult...not as awesome, but at the end of this year we are greeted by the exciting event of PROM. 

Friday 27th June, 2014. The day had come after some serious stressing about finding the perfect dress, shoes and bags to match and how to have our hair and of course for the boys there was the stress of trying not to get the same old generic suit and they definitely didn't! Once I was ready I was suddenly filled with a stomach of butterflies and was grateful when I reached the house my friends and I were meeting at. This then led to MULTIPLE group photos...I think it's safe to say we all felt like celebrities!

I think we fitted the theme of our prom which was 'The Oscars!'
Of course there was the worry of prom being one of those awkward school things where everyone stands around the edge of the dancefloor eating all the cakes and talking but it was completely different! After a good 45 minutes of watching everyone arrive and screaming over how beautiful everyone looked the hall soon started to fill up and the DJ's started their set which luckily was great! There was a mix of modern dance anthems, chart music and even a few golden oldies. If I could relive it again, trust me I would!

One other thing which made it even more brilliant was the fact that all of the teachers that attended were so chilled and it was so nice to see them out of 'Teacher mode'. Although we did not witness any teachers that were completely inebriated it was hilarious to see a few that weren't totally sober either! They treated it like it was their prom too and even joined in on the dance floor and chanted for more songs once prom was reaching an end.  

We were even given a spectacular firework display which as it started off had very minimal fireworks with literally no effect but near the end they got so big and loud I had to walk away for a bit as they were literally crazy! I don't think the night could have gone any better and I'm glad to have experienced it! Following this, here are some of my favourite photos of the tremendous night!

Something went very wrong here!

My three beautys!

That pretty much sums prom for me up! It was the best way to finish my time at high school which was filled with ups and downs but if anything prom made you apprecitate everyone in your year even if you had never even spoken to some of them! If you haven't had your prom yet, then LOOK FORWARD TO IT! And if you have I hope it was as amazing as mine! 

Unitl next time!
Shannon xx

Friday, 20 June 2014

Book vs Film // The Fault In Our Stars.


Well, seeing as I have now finished school I am swimming in freedom...which also means I have more time to do things...things like going to the cinema and my first stop was The Fault In Our Stars. 

Now, knowing I was seeing the film today I decided to re-read the book the day before and I was lucky enough to finish it this I started off my morning in quite an emotional state. Personally I was excited to watch the film and thought "Oh no, I probably won't even cry that much pfft!" But boy was I wrong. I cried like a baby and much to my surprise I cried from start to finish. Mainly due to the superb acting by the amazing cast but also of course the heart wrenching story line. 

If you haven't read the book...please do! I picked the book up one day thinking it was just like any other book I''d read and it would be a light-hearted fun read. No, it was much more. It makes you realise how lucky you are in life and emotionally attaches you to the characters in the book. Due to re-reading the book I was expecting big things from the film and praying that it was linked closely to the original book. It was and if anything it exceeded my expectations. 

(L-R) Ansel Elgort, Shailene Woodley and Nat Wolff.

Ansel Elgort plays Augustus perfectly and it is obvious that he was able to play the character with full emotion and passion and him alone moved me with his breathtaking scenes whether they were just him having a little monologue, a little smirk here or there or a poignant scene; he was just brilliant. 
As was his co-star Shailene Woodley. With it being the first time I watched her in a film it was liberating to see an actress emotionally invest in a character but not over play it. But of course we can't forget our humorous yet some times dark character Isaac played by Nat Wolff. I believe he played the character extremely well considering he was blind for the majority of it he showed the perfect ratio of pain and humor which can be difficult when playing a role of such a challenging character.
The combination of these three actors was just genius and the one thing that was truly brilliant for me was that they really did seem like they were dealing with difficult situations; An amputee, a bind boy and a girl with failing lungs. 

Impressively the book and film were 90% the same with only a few things either different or missing. One of the main things I recognised during watching it was that I felt that Isaac's character was pushed aside a bit and although he isn't written about as much as Hazel or Augustus I still feel like he could have been a bit more included. There were also some scenes which are known to have been cut from the film such as the 'Swing set scene' and the couple of times in which Hazel accompanies Isaac in playing video games.

Overall I was thoroughly impressed with the film and there is a chance of me seeing it in the cinema again...once I build up the emotional strength as I am now completely drained!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this blog post:) and maybe even persuaded you to pick up the book or watch the film!

Until next time,
Shannon xx

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A Night Of Music // Hudson Taylor


This must have been the fifth time I've tried to write a blog recently but I have the will power to actually carry this one on fully! If you hadn't noticed already I haven't been blogging at all recently, partly due t the fact that I'm doing my GCSE's but also due to the fact that I sort of lost the confidence to post anything...

But! I am back now and am ready to come back with a boom! What have I been doing recently? Well apart from the endless hours of revising and procrastinating I went to a concert! A few months ago I was introduced to the Irish folk duo Hudson Taylor and instantly fell in love with their music.

 Made up of two brothers from Dublin, Alfie and Harry associate their music around guitars and good old fashioned folk/ folk pop music. After listening to them endlessly on Spotify and watching them on YouTube they announced their first headline gig in London! I was so excited and instantly wanted to get tickets. A few months later that day came!

The venue was the Electric Ballroom Camden and although very small, I preferred it as it makes the gig a little bit more intimate for both the artist and the audience.
The supporting acts were both brilliant; Kimberly Anne was an acoustic pop artist who knew how to connect with the audience even when we didn't know the words to her songs! Secondly there was a band called Flyte. Their genre of music was alternative a personal favourite and now a favourite band, they got the crowd warmed up and really gave off a great vibe! Will definitely be seeing them again!

Now onto Hudson Taylor themselves! By the time they came on I was so excited! 9:30pm, an excited audience singing Hudson Taylor and an empty stage. When the two Irish boys walked onto stage the crowd roared to life and the atmosphere grew intensely. The duo themselves are amazing humble guys who were star struck throughout their flawless performance.

The set itself was brilliant as they sang all of their well known songs as well as a great chunk of new ones from their up and coming album (out in September!) One of the best things was seeing them up on stage just doing what they love most and having the time of their life! Here are some of the photos I got! 

Credit to my best bud who came along with me:) -
They even had T-shirts designed especially for the venue!

All in all  it was a brilliant night and I'm so glad I was able to go It's safe to say I will 110% be seeing them again!

Until next time!
Shannon xx