Friday, 25 July 2014

Happiness // Creating Your Own.


Goodness I really shouldn't promise any blogs because it seems I ever keep them! But after months;yes months of consideration and thorough planning I have finally decided upon making this specific blog post!

As previously mentioned I have finished high school now which has led to me having absolutely no sleeping pattern which I think shows due to the fact that as I am writing this it is 12:14am and I am eating chocolate...however this is meant to be the best summer of my life but this will only be if I make it the best summer! 
This means actually bothering to make plans and do things that might be a bit new to me. A few months ago I got sent this photo by someone very close to me and I've looked at it A LOT because I think it can be great motivation to do something new and t make the best out of every situation! (God how cheesy does that sound?!)

What have I actually done that has been different for me?

Well, I am currently in the midst of ticking things of my "summer to-do list" so I thought I would tell you about the things I have done so far this summer!

My summer started off with a BANG as I went to Thorpe Park for the first time! If you didn't already know Thorpe Park is basically just a massive theme park with amazing roller coasters and the odd water ride here and there. This wasn't a particularly big deal for me as I think I'm okay with big rides but there were a few I thought about chickening out on (SAW being one of them) but I pushed myself and by the end of it, you can't believe how worried you were. Although I did believe I was going to actually die at one point when I rode Stealth. How is it legal for a roller coaster to go from 0-80mph in 2 seconds?! Someone please tell me, I was actually petrified but in the end, I pushed myself and I can be proud of that.

I've also been to various places in London including Stratford and Camden. Camden was actually the one of the best places I've been to but I will elaborate on that on another blog post;) Venturing out to new places can be a scary experience but I think the key thing is to make sure your with people you're comfortable with which will make the experience even better.

The biggest part so far was performing in a dance show in an actual theater. Previously the thought of performing absolutely terrified me so much but the build up of endless rehearsals and extra lessons made it seem somewhat less daunting. This didn't however stop me from being extremely scared on the first night and shaking tremendously! Its now been nearly two weeks since my weekend dance show and I wouldn't have missed it for the world! The buzz of performing was just spectacular and I would definitely do it again next year, I of course couldn't have done it without the support and push of my fellow dancers but they know that.

Finally! The biggest part of my summer was getting a job! In a previous blog post (here) I said that I was hoping to get one and I did...after applying for hundreds! I am now a sales assistant in a well known drugstore in the UK and although it's still new I am extremely happy doing it...even though it is slightly nerve wrecking but it will be a confidence boost, especially after not being accepted by many many many jobs!

The main thing is that after a whole lot of drive and determination can go a long way and can change your life for the better, even if it is more comfortable staying in your shell, you're not really going to get anywhere by doing that. Small steps at a time and before you know it, you might be in stage in front of 600 people...who knows?!

I hope you enjoyed this blog, I spent some time planning it. Don't forget to share and comment if you like these sort of blogs as I personally like doing them:) FEEDBACK IS FAB!

Until next time!!
Shannon xx 

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