Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Life // Past, Present and Future.


I know I haven't written a blog in what seems like forever to me but I've had this blog post running through my head for the past few weeks so I thought since I have a day off, why not sit down and do what I love best?

As most people know GCSE results day was on the 21st of August this year and this meant people like me got the news they had been waiting for! The weeks building up to this day were filled slightly with self doubt and some what fear but the jourrney to the school to collect them was the worst bus ride ever. My stomach churned with nerves and I dreaded opening my envelope...

All of this dramatic build up had led me to believe that I had done fairly badly in my exams but when I read my results I was filled with joy, now whilst my results sheet wasn't covered in A*'s I was over the moon with how well I had done and the fact that I passed maths will remain a myth! The main point here is, you're your own worst enemy when it comes to pressure and stress! You had done your best, you were in a good place and you will do amazing things in the future!
This photo missed out books...
Currently, I'm laying in bed with a cat at my feet and a cat at my side (I'm not even the biggest fan of cats..) in my some what new and bigger bedroom. Having a day off from work isn't only a slight relief due to it being fairly tough now and again but also gives me some time to reflect over the summer I've obtained. Whilst it wasn't the summer I dreamed of, I did manage to do a few things on my 'Summer To-Do List', such as:

- Have a water fight
- Get a job
- Visit cute book shops
- Camden
- Stratford
- Thorpe Park
- Picnic in the park
- Ikea adventure

Whilst some of these stay left to do throughout Autumn and winter, I definitely made a couple of memories to keep like the best picnic in the park ever, or walking around Camden for what felt like years just to find a top with Mr Harry Styles face on (no, I don't know why either...)

There are a few things this summer has taught me both about myself and others, for example, sometimes you have to be the one to step up and make plans with friends because otherwise, you're going to have one hell of a boring summer. Also, now and again take a time out and focus on making yourself happy. Your own welbeing is just as important as anyone elses and I think that sometimes this can be easy to forget. Thirdly, the only opinion that really matters in life is that of those around you and yourself, ignore the ignorant idiots you'll meet throughout the years and focus on those who matter. And lastly, live for the present, this has now made itself my little mantra that repeats in my head. There's no point in dwelling in the past, even if we can't help, the future can change at any given time so that leaves the present, the one time phrase we have control of. 

That's all I've got for today's blog!! I start sixth form/college next week which is a new journey but I'll face it when I come to it! So once I start a new routine I shall fit blogging back into my life again! 

Until next week!
Shannon xx