Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Society's Newest Crime // Ageism.

Hello again!

This week’s blog takes a slightly different turn as it looks at a key concern in today’s society.

First things first; what is it? Ageism is a term used when an individual is discriminated or worse upon their age. It suggests that certain ages can be labelled as too old or too young for certain things such as different phrases, hobbies, actions and more. Ageism can affect a person at any age as it may sometimes segregate them from parts of society, a prime example of ageism in society today is a police officer being suspicious of a teenager, this is due to repeatedly stereotyping teenagers as being ‘up to no good’ and causing trouble.

Source: alfa.org

Another example, why don’t you see people over say 30 going to watch films such as monsters inc in cinemas when it’s being shown? Because it’s been rated a U because society believes only children will watch this and discriminates against those older from watching a cartoon.

Ageism occurs through all ages and all generations as it has become a part of society, as bad as that sounds it’s true.  Just like the teenage example used above it happens to those on the more mature side of life, just look at this ‘comedic’ photo below!

Ageism can even be used as a sign of subliminal advertising! Have you ever questioned why celebrities ages are always mentioned in an article or why journalists always comment on the ages of celebrities in relationships? It’s a way of telling an audience that this is how you should look, what you should be doing and how you should be living your life at a certain age. A personal thought of mine here is that ageism isn’t always noticeable, it can be made subtle and very hard to find in a piece of text.

However, when you really think about it you find that there are many ways in which ageism affects both our society and our media today, such as:

  • ·     Young presenters on shows
  • ·     More younger contestants than older on shows (E.g. I’m a celebrity, get me out of here)
  • ·      Older people are respected
  • ·      Younger people are often looked down upon
  • ·      Older individuals aren’t publicised as much ( i.e. award shows/red carpet events.)

One shocking statement which has recently been released on the Daily Mail website was the fact that Reese Witherspoon has said that film roles slowly stop coming in as often as the ‘big’ 40 nears. How is this possible when many of the film industry’s shining stars are those of an older generation such as Judi Dench, Danny De Vito and Meryl Streep. 

These are all ways ageism affects society today but also how it has become a sewn piece in today's world, it's such a common thing it can be mistaken as a casual term with no long term affects but it can do. Is ageism spreading? Does it need to be stopped? Well, that's up to you! Let me know what you think in the comment down below and stay tuned for next weeks blog!!

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Friday, 21 November 2014

Gig Night // 17/11/14

Well, it's been a long time since writing a blog but I'm back!

I know it's been around 2 months since my last post, but lets just say Sixth Form hit like a ton of bricks! Now nearly two terms in and it's safe to say my feet are firmly in the ground and I believe I'm slowly forming into my old organised self! It's also my anniversary month of blogging marking a whole years worth of A first time for everything! So I couldn't resist spending an evening planning this one out!  Other than Sixth form, I've done quite a bit including ticking two things off my annual bucket list which will be my next blog! But most excitingly I have been to two concerts and completely forget about blogging about them, so let's kick off this new blogging term with my most recent! 


A band I first discovered at another gig they were supporting I instantly loved these guys. Their sound, image and most importantly their energy on the stage. EofE (East Of Eden), five guys from Dudley with inspirations stemming from The Rolling Stones to Mcfly, making the perfect description of crossover rock. First seeing these guys at a more 'pop' genre gig it was amazing to see them jump onto stage with energy and enthusiasm; even if they weren't widely known by the audience. I soon realised after a 3-4 song set that I just had to get tickets to their own headlining gig which happened to be the next month...

...I did just that!

After walking around London for a good 15 minutes lost, we soon realised we had past the venue which was The Borderline, of course where many bands of these past few decades have started out such as The Rolling Stones, Biffy Clyro and more. When we arrived the support acts had already started but that wasn't much of a disappointment. Supporting as The Fuse and a band called Vix. Both of whom I was unfamiliar with but have to say that I am definitely happy with knowing of Vix now as they were amazing! Female fronted band with an edgy and punky sound and they showed such passion in their performances, it was enlightening to see.

As the crowd started to get a bit more relaxed and into the mood the time reached 9:10 and it was nearly time for EofE to come on to stage. First on was the drummer (Nicky Waters), follwed by lead, bass and rhythm gutarists (Dan Bremner, Luke Bradely and Reece Luke) and last but by no means least the lead singer (Tom Harris). For a very small stage they shared the stage perfectly and their chemistry and passion for the music they were performing was great to see. 

Seriously, the stage was tiny. 
Their set was brilliant, singing new, old and even a mash up of Michael Jackson and Nirvana. Tom's vocals were amazing, and the fact that he's only two years older then myself bewilders me! His high pitched tone was carried with strength, power and life just like he carried himself. Being so close to the stage in a very small venue made the gig a lot more intimate and you can really see how much it means so such a small band that you have actually bought tickets to see them play. 

As much as I would normally hate audience participation, they got the crowd going and one of the songs we were made to squat down and jump on the big note which saw the whole venue erupt in excitement and laughter; including the EofE boys. The best part would either be their performance of Piece Of You or their mash up of Billie Jean/Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Very close indeed! (Tom Harris)

L-R Dan, Tom, Nicky & Luke.
To make things any better, I got a woke up to them favouriting my tweet and also having Reece favouriting my tweet at lunch. Fab!!

I'll be leaving a link to their most recent single as well as a favourite of mine! 

Be sure to follow myself and EofE on twitter, 

and I'll be blogging again soon!

Until next time, 
Shannon xx