Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 // Dead And Gone?


Yes, I am back and shockingly it's not 2015. 

If you hadn't noticed already my blogging lacked tremendously last year but it is my hardcore aim to blog the life out of myself this year; that's a promise! Writing this now it is currently eight minutes past midnight on January 1st 2015. As I sit on my bed, with the roars of fireworks all over London going off outside my window, texting my best friend about both being home alone on new years I realise that there are a lot of things I accomplished in 2014 but also things I need to gain in 2015.

In February last year I wrote a 'wish list' for that year (here)so I guess now would be a good time to see if I managed anything on it? These are the things I was hoping to do/have/accomplish.

  1. Get a job.
  2. Get a Polaroid and snazzy digital camera.
  3. Doc Martens.
  4. Shift dresses and a wider vintage wardrobe.
  5. More books.
Well, I got the job (sales assistant) and I believe I made number four a success and as for five, I am building my collection slowly but surely including books I recieved for my birthday and Christmas! One thing I thought a job would bring me was the lifeline of unlimited money...this wasn't so. I found that I now had to pay for my weekly dance, lunch for work and anything else I wanted. Having a job came with great responsibility but also a whole lot of independence which was scary at first and had it lower moments such as finishing at 8 and having to watch my money but it has also enabled me to save money up for things such as driving or any emergencies that I'll need it for. 

2014 saw me go to many more concerts than I ever thought I would including one for a band which saw my first mosh pit, something I had always wanted to be in but also worried that I wouldn't be able to handle it, but it was honestly one of the best moments, the atmosphere was brilliant as well as the live music and everyone having fun...although the aching the next day wasn't too fab. 

People. The people you have in your life is an existential factor to your happiness and I'm glad to say I started with the people I'm ending 2014 with as well as a few new people. I have met people who I've gone to school with for five years for the the first time this year and it's surprising because some I actually have lots in common with. One thing that's now be learnt is the fact that as hard as it can be face to face confronting is always going to be the best way to sort things out even if they are the most minor thing, and that's what I'll be following this month.

Although I say this in every blog, I have got lots of ideas for new blogs this year and this time I am actually going to write them, in fact I'm going to write them now and save them for the right time. 

I hope you've all had wonderful 2014's and that your next year is even better!

Until next time!
Shannon xx

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