Friday, 16 January 2015

Charlotte Crosby // Get fit and get it!


I am back with today's blog which is back to a review type post! 

Basic New Years resolution:
Get fit and healthy

Yes as basic as this resolution is I am deciding not to call it a resolution but more a mantra in my mind so I have more chance of actually doing it! Let's see if that works. I recently over the Christmas break found a new form of motivation to get fit for 2015 which of course happens every year but this just feels different. I had seen photo's of Charlotte Crosby's transformation on all forms of social media and I thought it was just phenomenal. She had been promoting it very hard and since watching her back in the first series of Geordie Shore I have always loved her personality. This all led to one thing...I bought the DVD. 

Now, it is very clear that the image used on the cover of the DVD is photo shopped/airbrushed slightly, so I was skeptical as to if it really was going to have positive effects at all. The DVD see's Charlotte and two trainers go through 12 rounds of workouts with both a warm-up and cool down as well as an extra abs section. Each section works on a variety of body sections and sections as well as a few cardio bits. 

Whilst Charlotte works up to speed with one Trainer (Richard Callander), there is also another man who does all of the exercises at a beginner level, although from personal experience of doing the DVD I don't believe the beginner exercises are needed as the original ones are very easy to keep up with; except for maybe some push ups that are thrown into the mix!

An inaction shot of Charlotte in the DVD
Each section/round gets your heart racing and the blood pumping and just by doing a small handful of rounds you feel like you've done a full workout at the gym. I try to do 4-5 rounds each time and this is a crazy enough work out!! As silly as you may feel doing a workout in your bedroom, living room or somewhere else, I think that this DVD is an amazing way to get fit and tone up in a short time and it's a quick set up! Sometimes I get home from Sixth Form and just want to go to bed, but I slap the DVD on change into some different clothes and quickly smash a workout...even if I do have the worlds worst headache (Yeah that was not fun).

Of course doing this DVD alone will not be the miracle to that dream body you think about whilst you sit on the sofa watching 6 episodes of Gossip girl eating a pot of ice cream I as spoken about before take varioud dance classes during the week, but even with the slightest change to your diet I think it will produce amazing results for example;

  • I now have wholemeal or wholemeal and seeded wrap instead of white.
  • Drinking water instead of fizzy drinks.
  • Eating a healthier snack or cutting down on chocolates??? (If that's possible?!
All of these are common tips but having kept on with these for the past near month it has deemed to me how much easier it actually is when you try not to think about the cons such as not eating chocolate biscuits every time you're bored!

That's all for today's blog and I hope you enjoyed it! If you've bought the DVD or are thinking of it let me know what you think of it! Lets hope 2015 is a year when we actually stay with our resolutions to stay fit!

Until next time,
Shannon xx

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