Friday, 13 March 2015

A Big Change // High School vs Sixth Form


Now I know I have again been lacking in the blogging department but, here we go...again. Today I thought I would talk about the biggest change in my life recently, the life of a sixth former or 'college kid'.

Now in September I started at my Sixth form, a much different place to a college, as I have a uniform, a much longer timetable but also it's still connected to my high school. Initially I went into this change not nervous and fairly excited because I was still with most of my friends and it brought a new freedom that high school didn't. 

Firstly, we had study and free periods, this means when we don't have lessons we have time to do extra studying or just time to ourselves but in the first week we had no study's and all frees, this was the best part and made sixth form pretty damn good as everyone saw it as... 
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This is short lived however, and I soon began to understand the publicised hatred for the life of an A-level student. My first three weeks of AS media saw me faced with producing a radio show, a newspaper cover/article and short film. Now then, I would have enjoyed these tasks if I had learnt about the subject previously, but it became very stressful.
This stress was further increased when you add a social life into it...or poor excuse for one anyway. If you have a sixth form student, a mountain of work, a mile of dealines and friendships to add into the mix with the occasional yet exhausting drama you get a teenage crisis.
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If there is one thing I have learnt over these past 7 months it's that you should make sure you're picking the right subjects!! Not only because you will get bored of them and drop them four weeks in you will probably have a mental breakdown if you combine lets and photography. Trust me I know!
The first day into this new journey the word university was said a good 7 BILLION TIMES. Now that may be okay for some, you might need that motivational push, but I will be umongst those not attenting a uni, partly due to the fact I believe the price is disgustingly high but also because I know there are alternate pathways into my dream career.

The main change between high school and sixth form you may ask? Well, it's 100% the workload, as soon as you start your new courses you are made to dive into an ocean of confusion and exhaustion. You then reach your mocks...which I can tell you, probably won't go as well as you expect. BUT THAT'S OKAY!! You have a further 5 months to get your stuff together and work, work, work!

Currently, I am at the revision stage of my A-level courses along with a bit of photography coursework...well I say a bit but I think we all know I mean mountain. But having made a start on my revision I am starting to get my head down and pray that I pass my exams in the summer!

I hope this was a bit of an eye opener for you if you are in the same stage I was 7 months ago or just if you wanted an insight to a sixth former's life.

Until next time!
Shannon xx

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