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How To // Survive As A Teenager

Hello yes I am alive and back blogging.

First things first, I underestimated how much time A levels required and completely lost time for blogging which I am gutted about but hey! Look who's a time gambling blogger now...slightly.
Okay, well seeing as I am in the midst of starting my last year in compulsory education I think I've definitely learned the do's and don'ts about being a teenager in school and college so here we go.

Of course studying is the primary part of all education, but don't let it drive you into walls. Value your time in class and take notes; even if other people aren't! This was slightly key to me because although I'd listen in class...6 hours later when I'm at home, I wouldn't remember a thing! Organise your time and any work set outside of class around a form of social life. If you hibernate in a world books and keywords you will drive yourself insane and it really isn't worth it. You need to grow up and experience things at the same time as everything else, so don't purposefully stress yourself out as this leads to procrastination and poor concentration, it usually works out in the end!
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Now, secondly and possibly most importantly make a sterdy group of friends. This doesn't mean restrict yourself to a certain amount but it's better to have 3 close and trustworthy friends than 50 meaningless friends. As well as this, remember that high school popularity is a cliche movie thing and really holds no importance when you're really there, so don't classify yourself on any rating scale as it really means nothing! Always remember that your friends are going through the same thing as you are too, so if you're stressing over coursework or even just a course remember that you're all in the same boat! (Or car if you get sea sick easily...)
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One of the things that will probably seem pointless and un-useful for most is this, Never, ever 'like' one of your friends or someone in your friendship group. There is a reason you're part of the same friendship group, yes you have things in common, and yes maybe you would be great together but nine times out of ten the word FRIENDZONED will be stamped across your head in embarrassment due to the fact that you're FRIENDS. As good as the idea might seem at the start and no matter how much you think "no, no this is different!" it's not, there's 7 billion people on the globe, and I highly bought that the love of your life is a friend you made at the age of 15, so just avoid at all costs!

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Finally, exam choices. In year 9 and year 11 you choose your GCSE's and A Levels. Both carry a level of importance in your future (but don't let that stress you out). The main thing to remember when making these choices is that you're going to study them for the next two years and that yo can't change them once you've picked them, so; Don't pick a subject because your bestfriend is doing it, Don't pick something because it looks like the easiest option and definitely don't pick something because you couldn't think of anything else. Make sure you know why your choosing certain subjects and think about how it might help you in the future! 
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Finally, remember that you and everyone you're age (between 12-18) is trying to figure themselves out and what they want to do and who they want to be. Teenage years can be hard and honestly, very draining. But when everyone else looks fine but you feel like a volcano ready to erupt remember, they feel the same way too, so don't panic! It's a rollercoaster journey but you'll come out at the end feel 10/10.

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Those are the main things I believe you should look out for. If there's anything you thing I missed out be sure to leave it in the comments down below! And remember!

Take notes,
Organise you're time,
Enjoy what you can.

Until next time,
Shannon xx

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