Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Friendship // A Technological Society


I return with a slightly more sentimental blog for you all today purely because I believe today’s excessive use of technology can be seen in a slightly corruptive way in terms of our lives and most importantly friendships.  I believe the value of friendship can be so subtle it is almost forgotten, and whilst everyone has their own definitions as to what makes a friendship, there are pretty basic structures everyone has to follow.

It is common knowledge that us, as human beings, have the innate nature to want to be liked and want to have friends. It is also common knowledge that everyone will cross paths with someone they consider an enemy. As I said before friendships can differ with everyone which makes the points I write invalid in a way as they are a personal preference of some sort, I do however believe I have understood the ins and outs of a good friendship as well as the ups and downs fairly well.

As an upper sixth student I have had many experiences enabling me to create new bonds as well as diminish previous ones. This is normal. Of course the key to friendship is finding similarities and finding that spark between you, similar to a loving relationship. I believe a good friendship can be formed though humour and establishing the likes and dislikes of each other, people say the easiest thing to become friends is finding something you both hate…or love. I believe there are certain do’s and don’ts to keeping a friendship alive, especially when times get tougher and you might start to drift…be aware young ones, this does and will happen!
quotes about friends drifting apart

You might find a group of friends on your first day of year 7 or your 50th history lesson, and they may become the people you glue yourself to through thick and thin. High school friendships often occur like this and they are usually great…until you reach a certain age, hormones fly everywhere and you can’t stand each other for a year.  Again this will probably happen. I know from previous experience that even if you don’t see someone for months on end, if you really were there for each other and were the best of friends, nothing will change between you except for maybe a new haircut.

Growing up, I think that communication becomes very apparent in keeping a friendship alight and in today’s society it is easier than ever to speak to someone.  A text message takes up to a minute to write and a second to send, so there is never the excuse of not being able to reach someone, even if times are tough you can email…or really tough, then write them a letter. All in all it is impossible to not communicate with someone and then wonder why things are changing. In a similar way, a common belief now is that it should be specifically down to one person to contact the other. Whilst it shouldn’t be down to this, if someone hasn’t spoken to you in a while, it doesn’t kill you to send the message, it might make their day that you made the effort.
Friendship is not a two way road, it is a one way road traveled by two people together, hand in hand.

Better yet, avoid texting! Whilst this might not be the issue for 98% of our population, there are easy misunderstandings made in texting, even if you do use 20 emojis in one sentence, you can’t really see or hear how the other person is talking to you. Some people might generally be blunt texters who can give off the wrong impression, or some may be over enthusiastic. Either way I believe that this technological form of communication can be an easy way to corrupt friendships in today’s world.

All of this can be sorted if we got a grip of ourselves, sent the first message without a care in the world and cared less about what emoji to use and instead wondered what people are up to. Friendship is something to be cherished and I believe that it is sometimes taken for granted. Of course there will be disagreements and arguments but that’s what makes a friendship, it’s not all green grass and sunshine.

I’m ending this blog today with a miniscule task for those that have read it. Did you relate to the point raised? If so, I guess it’s about time you sent one of those 1 second texts? Go on, you know you want to!

Thanks for reading,
Until next time,

Shannon xx