Monday, 1 February 2016

Uni Or No Uni // YOU Decide

Hello! Back again,

Today’s blog I feel is relevant to many people, particularly those around my own age as this is your deciding year as to how you will live in the forthcoming future. That somehow makes it sound terribly scary, and it is but it does not need to be!

Of course the number one topic of discussion is whether or not you will be attending university or not. Many sixth forms and colleges I know rather force the idea of uni into your head as a young adult and I for one can say that it is exhausting constantly being reminded that this is the toughest year of your life etc. Personally I was never one who desired to go to university from a young age, I also pictured myself taking a gap year, travelling certain countries and living a fun and adventurous year. Then reality kicked in.

At 18 I understand how hard it is to afford a single holiday let alone visit multiple countries at once. I mean I struggle to afford weekly life as it is! I always believed that university was not for me, I did not see myself to be intelligent enough or the type of person that would fit in at uni. But I guess this all changed when I received the wakeup call that I in fact needed a degree to make my life a bit easier and get that dream job of mine. Would I like it if I did not have to go to university? Maybe. Am I optimistic about what uni might bring? Definitely.

I know that many people in my year are still undecided as to whether this is the path they want to take and there are a few now deciding to take a gap year. Many people however, are taking the apprenticeship/intern ship route as well as going straight into work. This is another perfectly fine way to start your life after college. I too have thought about deferring my entry and starting a year later, but why wait? The sooner I start, the sooner I finish and that’s all you need to think as the end goal.

Of course university is not everyone’s cup of tea and as previously mentioned, it was not mine either initially! I wanted to start an apprenticeship and guide my way up to the career I dream of, but sometimes what you may see yourself doing is not going to be the ideal reality of it all.  Education might not be a delectable pass time for everyone and that is normal! We are not made to all think and do the same thing.

The main and most important thing I believe when making this decision is knowing that it is your decision to make. Of course parents, teachers and even friends might prove to be an influence but if what you are doing is making people around you happy but not you, is it really worth it? I do not think so! Whilst I am fortunate enough to have parents that have not pressured me into any specific direction in my life I know it can be difficult in choosing the right path because you want to make other people proud of you. All in all, I believe that if you make your own choice in life and control it the way that makes you happy, then that is enough to make anyone proud of you. It is your life in the end and you choose how to life it. Uni or no uni! 

I guess that is a positive little ending for you today! 

Until next time,
Shannon xx