Friday, 6 May 2016

A Two Type Species // Intro or Extro?

Back again!

Two months later and I return with a blog to entice the mind and get those cogs working! Maybe anyway. Today I write with the ideology of the human race being made up of two key concepts; being an introvert or an extrovert. 

Simply speaking, the formal definition of an introvert means to be on the shyer side of life with a creative personality fuelled by ones own individual energy and often finding social encounters more difficult and some what draining. Of course, it is easy to say that an extrovert is the straight up opposite. Energised by social situations and often confident within themselves in the outside world.

Exhibit A and B

It may be simplistic of me to say that an entire population can be categorised into two character types but I do believe this is an accurate scale for this species anyway. On this scale, I myself would sit in the middle of intro and the centre of the scale. I would opening say I am an in the closest extrovert, meaning when I first meet people or am in social situations which are new to me I am extremely closed and shy but after a few times of experiencing the same situation or meeting the same people, I creep out of my hollow shell and become somewhat quite the extrovert as my confidence grows. Of course, being introduced to new things or people is nerve-wrecking for everyone but it is understandable that some are more shy or outgoing than others. We are all different after all.

When writing this blog, I totalled up some of the stereotyped issues with these two categories, starting off with introverts. Much of the time these people can be mis-judged for being anti-social and moody because they do not jump at the opportunity to be your new best friend, when in reality they are just shy and need approaching like a new puppy. 
On the other hand, extroverts can often be perceived as loud and 'in your face' individuals. This again is not the case for they are often just eager to socialise and confident in doing so.

This is a common mis-understanding...  
First impressions can be critical when meeting new people and if they are shy and reserved some people believe that an individual will always be like that thus not delving further into that persons personality and watching them open up and evolve. Similarly, if someone if overly excited or confident when first meeting them it can be deemed as intimidating or even threatening but I believe that it should be taken into account that you cannot judge someone upon first impressions. Yes, you may get their overall aura from meeting them but you cannot gather a full judgement of someone's character in this period!

Now then, I am sure there is a psychological explanation regarding the cause of one being on either end of the spectrum but this is not important in my mind. Whether you sit on one end of the scale or the other, at the end of the day it doesn't really matter does it? If everyone was an extrovert then I'm sure we would have a very loud and tiring world but if we were all introverts then we may infact be the loneliest planet. I guess it is best to say that opposites attract and whether you classify as introvert, ambivert or extrovert the three categories were made to mix and make us all a bit more interesting! 

Well, that wraps today's blog up and to be fair it has taken me three days to write what should be a simple one! I hope you enjoyed this little return of my blog and it got you thinking as I had hoped. As I say in everything I write, I've got some blogs planned and will be back again soon!! 

Until then,
Shannon xx