Sunday, 16 October 2016

Guess who's back // The Start of Something New


Yes, yes I know it has been a while once again but what can I say, A-levels will drown out any spare time you have and the time you do have you’ll probably use for a nap.

So what has changed? Well as I write this I sit in my new communal kitchen which I share with 10 other flatmates because yes I made it to university. I now reside in The University of Hertfordshire studying English Language and Communication with Journalism and Creative writing, a very literal course I know.

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Having lived here for three weeks now I am fully settled and soon coming to terms with having to wake myself up for lectures and having to remember that I have food in the oven, but I’m getting there. If you cannot tell, yes part of this blog's title is a High School Musical song, so if that does not highlight my readiness for university then I do not know what will. University is a really big step for most people as you’re moving away from home, friends and family but everyone was in the same boat so it was nice to know you’re not alone.

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The day I moved in was both extremely exciting and nauseating due to both nerves and car sickness mixing together. As soon as I got to my flat I was greeted by the friendly face of one of my flatmates and instantly put at ease. Since then, I’ve been able to mingle and learn who I am comfortable around in classes, my flat and day to day life. Finding a secure group of people to be with is probably one of the essentials I would advise to anyone starting uni as it helps so much when you are homesick and in need of a friend.

At the end of my second week, I’ve fully started my classes and started to embrace uni life as I gather my bearings and consequently get my life in order. Whilst A-levels caused a slight hiatus on here I’m hoping to find the time for weekly blogs once again so keep an eye out and thanks for reading once again!
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Until next time,

Shannon xx