Thursday, 26 January 2017

New year // Same Blog?

Hello and yes this is the big 2017 return.

Seeing as we are nearing the end of January I saw it appropriate to freshen up the blog…no I will not be proposing more blog posts as a new year’s resolution because I think we all now…not gonna happen!

So, updates! I am now halfway through my first year at university, I have survived living on my own so far and I am ready to finally bring back this blog with a bang. This time with no restrictions, blog posts about everything you can imagine, new music finds, weekly journals, reviews, you name it, it will be here.

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Having been studying an English degree alongside creative writing and journalism I am more determined than ever to keep the blog ball rolling. This moves me onto the topic of finding something you love doing and embracing it. I love reading and writing and as much as I forget that sometimes, once I get a few words down I cannot stop and I enjoy doing it…however not so much when it is a word count based academic essay, thus making me more motivated than ever to bring my blog back to life and make it better than before. 

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Will I be promising weekly blog posts? Probably not, but I will be keeping it more up to date than ever before!

With next weeks blog post already drafted up I cannot wait to get back into the swing of things and writing about things I love and share these with people.

Until next time,
Shannon xx